How to Use MS Teams: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s time to meet up with another team, but you forgot when and where exactly it was. That’s a big issue. Having an organized platform like Microsoft Teams can be a big help for that.

Around the world, the communication platform market was valued at $4.63 billion in 2021 and is expected to more than quadruple by 2028. That means digital platforms like Microsoft Teams will be crucial for communicating.

But what is Microsoft Teams, and how do you use it? Read more if you’d like to learn how to use MS Teams.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform designed for collaboration and communications. It’s mostly used by HR, marketing, and creative teams, but it can generally be utilized by any group that needs to communicate with each other. In other words, Microsoft Teams is essential business software.

Increased Productivity

Microsoft Teams is also great for promoting productivity. When a company’s functions are centralized into a digital platform, it is easier to keep track of files and create teams.

And if someone is having issues with how to use MS Teams or other topics, they can easily submit a ticket to help them out. It can help people get things done efficiently. Take a look at more info on how a ticket system for Microsoft Teams can increase productivity.

How to Use MS Teams – The Basics

If able, it’s best to download the Microsoft Teams app. Although it can be operate on an internet browser, it functions better when used as an app – whether it’s on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Getting acquainted with the basics, such as a text-chat system, video conferences, and calendars, can improve work efficiency. When using teams, there’s a sidebar to the left. That bar will house sections for many categories.

Teams and Channels

This section will have all the teams you are part of. Towards the bottom of that menu, you will see “Join or create a team.” If you click on that, some selections will show up in the middle of the screen.

You get the option to join a team via a code or create your team. When creating a group, you can set the type of team and make it private or public so employees can see it and join. The different teams can range from small event planning to creating legal teams.

Channels are subcategories for your Microsoft Teams. Channels can be labeled and used as announcements, random, a chat, or even training. You get to customize it however you need it.

Meet System and Chatting

Conducting a team meeting is essential to a company’s functions. As people work from home more, seeing each other’s faces makes communication easier.

When clicking the Meet section, you’re presented with a list of meetings you need to attend, starting with the current day at the top and upcoming days below. You get the option to edit, share, and join the meetings.

If you need to do a quick on-the-spot meeting with someone, you can easily click “Meet Now” and host your conference call and invite people from there.

Similar to Meetings, Chats are ideal for smaller groups or 1-on-1. You can privately message someone and do a voice or video chat together. The main difference between Meet and Chat is that the latter can communicate in text.

Create Your Team

Learning how to use MS Teams is a great way to increase collaboration and productivity. Microsoft Teams allows you to easily chat with each other through channels, set up meetings, and schedule events utilizing the calendar.

Now you can get out there, create your team, and get things done efficiently. If you find this helpful, make sure to look at our other stuff.

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