How to Start a Shoe Business: The Basics Explained

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own online business selling shoes? If you have but haven’t moved on the idea because it felt like a pipe dream, think again!

Shoes aren’t just your passion; they are a multi-million dollar industry. Their status as both a fashion accessory and a necessity makes them easy to market. With the right startup tips, it will feel like they’re practically selling themselves!

Keep on reading to find out how to start a shoe business of your own!

How to Start a Shoe Business

The best way to start any business is to get your ideas down on paper. The initial brainstorming for your business will become your blueprint for moving forward, you will want to remember all of your first small business ideas.

The things you will want to think about in this initial stage are:

  • What kinds of shoes do you want to sell
  • Where will you source your shoes
  • What will your company/brand be called
  • Who will your market be
  • Where does your market spend their time online
  • How can you best engage with them
  • Where will you start your shop
  • How much money will you need to start your small business

Knowing what kind of shoes you like and want to sell will help you to easily figure out what sort of feeling and look your branding should have. Once you understand that, it will help you to understand who your market is.

These initial steps set the basis for your small shoe business and will help you to know how much you will need to invest to get started.

Startup Costs

What kind of shoe business you have in mind will determine your initial startup cost, but the great thing about online businesses is that the investment can be quite low.

Let’s consider for instance, that you wanted to start a business selling used or vintage shoes. If you sold those used shoes in an online marketplace, and you market yourself on social media, your initial investment could be as low as the cost of a few pairs of used shoes.

Potential costs you will need to consider are:

  • Will you be hosting your own online store/web hosting fees
  • Packaging and printed marketing materials, like business cards
  • Cost of the shoes you will sell
  • Any local licenses you might need to start a business
  • Shipping fees

Marketing Matters

Selling shoes, like selling anything else, is all about marketing. That’s why knowing who you’re selling to is so important, so that you can reach those people and show them your great products!

Showing off your products is a huge part of your marketing, online businesses rely on visuals. Your customers can’t touch and examine your products online, so you need great photos.

Taking the time to learn how to take fantastic product photos is worth its weight in sold shoes! Follow this link to learn how to take great photos of shoes. Those photos can then be used on social media and online marketplaces to grab the attention of your buyers.

Ready for Success

I really hope that this guide on how to start a shoe business helped you see that your goals are within reach.

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