How To Speed Up A Computer

How To Speed Up A Computer: 5 Basic Tips

How To Speed Up A Computer
How To Speed Up A Computer

When it comes to computers, slow and steady doesn’t win the race. It’s no surprise that a slow computer is one of the most common computer problems worldwide. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably struggling with a slow laptop too. Take heart: with a few tips, it’s not that hard to learn how to speed up a computer. 

Keep reading. We’ll let you in on the basics of how to speed up a laptop. You’ll be back to lightning-fast browsing in no time.

1. Move Files From Your Desktop

Keeping a pile of files on your computer’s desktop is like keeping all your hard-copy files spread out on your office desk. Whenever you sit down to do a task, you have to sift through a huge stack of information. Similarly, every time your computer starts, it has to use operating memory to sort through all your desktop files. 

Move any files that you can off your desktop and store them in a Documents folder. This demands less memory from your computer so that it can focus on other tasks.

Minimizing your files goes without saying, so choose from the best apps to help you streamline your files.

2. Remove Heavy Programs

Complex, memory-heavy programs slow your computer down. Yes, some of them are darn useful and you don’t have a choice but to keep them around. Others can go, so browse through your programs list and see which ones you don’t need to keep. 

3. Defrag Your Hard Drive

Defragging isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. As your computer functions over time, data gets fragmented or split up on the hard drive. This makes it harder for your computer to find the data it needs, so it runs more slowly.

Defragmenting the hard drive means letting your computer organize its data more efficiently. Simply find your defragment app and let it go to work. You’ll be astonished at how much it improves your computer’s speed.

4. Empty Your Recycle Bin

Maybe you’ve Marie Kondo’d all your computer files to free up space — and good for you! However, deleted files aren’t actually deleted. They’re stored in the recycle bin and continue to take up computer storage.

If you’re sure you can let go of those files, empty your recycle bin. They’ll be gone for good and your computer will be that much faster. 

5. Turn It Off Daily

Keeping your computer on may be more convenient, but it slows your computer down. When programs stay running for a long time they slow down your computer’s functioning. Keeping your computer off when you’re not using it — overnight, for instance — is an easy fix.

No More Wondering How to Speed Up A Computer

There you have it: the five best tips on how to speed up your computer. With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to conquering one of the most annoying tech issues in the world. Now hop on your no-longer-slow computer and get speeding!

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