Print A Shirt In 3 Simple Steps

How To Print A Shirt In 3 Simple Steps

The teeshirt is a vital, and even historic, piece of clothing in every person’s wardrobe. Are you tired of teeshirts that don’t express anything important to you or don’t fit your personal taste?

You can solve that problem by custom printing your very own teeshirts to your own desires. Keep reading to find out how to print a shirt that you’ll never want to stop wearing.

How To Print A Shirt

Before you start worrying about all the steps of printing a shirt, you need to know very simply, “how?”. The answer is quite simple. There are plenty of shirt printing services available today online. They’ll streamline the process for you to make printing a shirt as easy as possible.

But there are choices that you will have to make. Let’s take a look at the three simple steps of printing custom teeshirts.

1. Create Your Design

A great teeshirt starts with a great design. Before ordering your tee shirt, you need to know what you want on it. There are a couple of ways to approach this step.

You or a graphic designer can sketch out exactly what you want and then clean it up on a digital illustration program. This is a great option if you have a specific mascot or image that you want to include on your teeshirt. It’s also a good choice if you’re including any photography on your shirt (more on that later).

You may also find a company that hires its own graphic designers for you to consult. This way you’ll be knowing you’re getting a great design without having to personally hire a graphic designer.

The second option is to use a shirt printing company’s onsite designer. Many shirt printing companies have their own program where you can either upload your design or design it yourself right there on the site.

The designer will include stock images and fonts that are free to use so you’ll never have to worry about copyright. How to Develop Your 3D Printing Ideas?

2. Choose Your Technique

You’ll also have the option of what kind of technique you want to use for your shirts. Some shirts will definitely require a certain technique to meet the full vision. For example, A design with a great deal of detail might require direct-to-garment printing; all you need is a high-quality printer like the AA Prestige A3 along with a Prestige A3 DTF ink and supplies for printing detail. 

It’s important to know all about the different shirt ink techniques when placing your order to be sure that you’re getting the best quality of your image.

3. Place Your Order

The final step is the most obvious.

Place your order!

Okay, there is more information to that. Keep in mind that printing a single teeshirt can be a little expensive. Once your design and ink choices are done, you may be looking at $30 for a single teeshirt.

That’s why one of the best shirt printing tips is to order in bulk! Make custom teeshirts for a business, team, cast, family, improv troupe, etc. The more shirts you order the less expensive the order will be per shirt. Everyone can pitch in just a little to have some really awesome teeshirts.

Your New Favorite Teeshirt

By designing and learning how to print a shirt, you’ll be guaranteed to get a teeshirt that you really love. Say goodbye to the days of corporate and event teeshirts sitting at the bottom of your drawer, and get something you’ll really care about.

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