How To Make Your Small Business Look Big

How To Make Your Small Business Look Big

Reviewing the NYT I came across a very interesting note about how a small company can seem big.

Small is beautiful, said Fritz Schumacher in one of the 100 most influential books published since World War II.

But for entrepreneur Angela Ford, making her company appear too small was not something she wanted.

Six years ago Angela was trying to build a real estate business in Chicago while continuing her regular job, but she didn’t want clients to think she was running her business on lunch breaks or in her spare time.

Therefore, to create the impression that his company was bigger, he looked for different low-priced alternatives to have his own staff, or appear to be one. He finally hired the services of a company that was dedicated to answering telephone calls with operators.

That way, if a customer called her (on her private phone without knowing it), the call was transferred to the company where the operator would answer “Wait a minute, I’ll see if you can take the call.” If Angela could answer, the call was transferred to her immediately, if she couldn’t, the operator took the message.

Of course, the client never found out about all these transfers, let alone that Angela’s company was actually a part-time operation run by one person.


Today, thanks to technology, it is increasingly easy to have a professional image. For example, we can contract, as Angela did, the services of a virtual secretary who answers calls prepare the agenda, gets interviews, etc; layout program using (quark x-press, Indesign, etc) we can put together homemade brochures but well presented, even if your budget does not allow for hiring a designer (which would be desirable) it is possible to ask one to prepare a series of templates with the image of your company and you fill them according to your needs.

When printing, you can use a color printer that is getting better and cheaper every day, or if you need a larger quantity, say 100 or 200, you should take your digital files to a print-on-demand business.

Email is another of those “gifts” that technology puts in our hands every day, so the expensive meetings of yesterday can very well be supplanted today by email exchanges or, even better, by virtual meetings that no longer need rooms. of video conferences but members can meet via Skype and webcam. Also, if you work from home, who is going to notice you at one of these meetings?

When an entrepreneur or entrepreneur decides to start a new business, the lack means that they have to play many roles (manufacturer, sales representative, customer service, collections, cadet, etc, etc.) and even the unexpected role as an “illusionist” to find creative resources such as: temporarily renting an office in the event that a face-to-face meeting with a potential client is unavoidable, hiring the services of a virtual assistant, which will not only be very useful for decongesting your agenda but will help to give the appearance of being more established/or than it really is.

Harness The Potential Of The Internet

Although many believe that the best way to take advantage of all the power of the Internet is to have a super sophisticated and flash website, my personal experience that comes from more than 10 years producing sites for clients, in addition to their own, is that this not only does not is true but, in the case of sites with flash is absolutely counterproductive.

What the entrepreneur or entrepreneur must know is that the site or blog must serve to expand their clients, it must allow them to expand their market, they must get more people in their market niche to know about their existence, and for that, their potential client must be able to find your site.

And That Is Achieved When

.You disseminate the address of your site or blog (and “branches”, if you operate in the Business Center) in all possible media

.Your site or blog is the subject of conversation on news sites to “web 2.0”

.Someone looking for one of the solutions you offer (either a product or a service) and finds your site through a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

Now, if your site is made exclusively with Flash technology, your site is INVISIBLE to search engines. Just for that detail, which is not minor, a super-sophisticated website is useless.

Look for someone who knows in depth how the Internet works (no, your son or your neighbor’s friend, they don’t know anything about the commercial part) and who can make your site or blog neat, professional-looking, and who doesn’t promise you that it will appear # 1 in Google in a short time, is not only unrealistic but also a strong indication that you practice “unholy” methods whose consequences will be paid by your site, not the developer.


.Creation of a site that conforms to the requirements of Google and

.6 Tips for a successful website

The Telephone Also Works, Boost It

Of course, the traditional telephone is still in force, as the entrepreneur Angela Ford explained at the beginning of this note. But today we can enhance its use a thousand times.

And that’s exactly what Anne Afshari and Laura Hagler, two RNs who started a company four years ago to handle after-hours calls for doctors.

In the beginning, they were managed with a local office and pagers. Then they decided to expand the business but without losing the personal touch that made patients feel that they were communicating with an extension of their doctor’s phone.

So they opted to have a virtual telephone exchange (PBX), that is, it works via the Internet. With this system in operation, 20 nurses distributed in different parts of the country enter the website and program their phones to connect to the system. When a call comes in, it is routed to whoever can answer it.

In Conclusion

Depending on the idiosyncrasies of the medium in which you operate, it may be counterproductive for your clients to know that your company is small, although in some mediums it is an advantage. You are the one who must evaluate what is most convenient for your business today.

Some advice, whatever path you decide to take, don’t lie and don’t say you have what you don’t have, it’s unethical and you can always turn against it. Remember that it is the perception that counts.

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