How To Make Your Instagram Videos More Interesting?

At all times Instagram has become a visual platform where you can gather a lot of Instagram followers, and Instagram loves to take advantage of people’s behavior to be more involved with visual objects. Using videos on Instagram is a great way to increase your brand engagement and get a higher level of search engines. However, that does not mean that just any old video will do. If you want to increase business growth by using videos that will download your true Instagram followers, you need to make them attractive. Here is a guide on what you need to know when using video for Instagram marketing.

Why use a video on Instagram?

Although photos are currently the most popular in the Instagram preferences system, using video can help you increase engagement levels in your account through a large number of feedback generated. People who watch videos on Instagram are more likely to share their views on it in the comments section or to respond to a particular video section.

Using video, you can explain about your product services, products, services, and other things that are difficult to do in writing or through pictures. Videos can assist you to tell the account you need for your name and this can create a personal connection between you and your Instagram followers. Those who end up watching your videos can better understand how to use your products or can even be connected to the product reputation established through video.

People live busy lives and are overwhelmed by the news every day. This has led to the creation of a world where people are looking for information and as little time investment as possible. Most people do not have time to read text or appreciate other media, but videos can help achieve what other media cannot in a short time. They can also create a better understanding of the message than other types of media can.

Entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the importance of using video to increase business goals and this has contributed to the increase in video sales in today’s world. More videos are also being watched on Instagram today, so you need to plan and deliver if you don’t want to risk losing your Instagram followers to your competitors.

Video formats on Instagram

Video on your Instagram feed

These are videos posted for your live feed that must be 3 seconds long and can be 60 seconds long. The ratio of feed video clips ranges from 1: 1 per Instagram average to 4: 5 vertically. These are often found on the Discover page for people who are already watching videos and can help you reach a wider audience.

Instagram Story Videos

These are ideal as vertical videos with a 9:16 preference and can be 15 seconds in length. When stories disappear after 24 hours, you can show important stories to put on your profile.


Such videos must be 15 seconds long and can last up to 10 minutes, with large, certified accounts successfully sending videos that are over 60 minutes long.


Live is also one way for you to use videos on your Instagram to create a deep connection with your true Instagram followers.

Design beautiful Instagram videos

Set your goal

Think about what you want to achieve through your video. Je! Want to get more Instagram followers or just add engagement to your post? Je! Want to add conversions through your videos? Knowing what you want will help you plan accordingly so that you have the right video that can help you achieve the goal.

Decide on the equipment you will need

High-quality videos require the use of state-of-the-art equipment. You need to make sure that you are using a large camera and audio equipment to make your vision clear and sound clear. You will also want to find the right lighting for your videos to invest in lighting equipment if you need to make your videos have better lighting.

Shoot your video

When you shoot your video, make sure the topic is focused and keeps your image consistent so that the moving movement does not end up confusing your Instagram followers. You can also find creative ways to incorporate brand colors into your video to include an overall picture of your brand.

Edit well

Make sure you do your best to edit your videos as soon as you shoot them to keep your Instagram followers growing to the end.

Send your video to SEO

Even good videos require you to put forth effort in the multiplication of search engines. Use the correct hashtag and keywords to make your videos reach a wider audience and lead to business growth.

Video ideas to promote business growth

Young people

If you have a long video that you can’t post on Instagram, but you upload to your YouTube channel, you can direct your Instagram followers all the time using the tea video. This way, they will know about it and are interested in watching it on another platform.

Teas can also be used to create hype around the product you are launching. You can include summary items and key photos of the product and put it in the form of tea so your Instagram followers know and can look forward to its release.

Videos are lost in time

Taking your audience behind the scenes and introducing them to the work involved in your business is a great way to establish a personal connection, but there is a risk of being too revealing. This is not something you want for your business as it can lead to your comments being stolen. Time-lapse videos work best in situations like these because you can take your audience behind the scenes and create an interesting video without revealing too much. Through outdated videos, you can show:

Product imported for shipment to customers

Set up an event hall

Highlight the contents of the whiteboard

Explanatory videos

You may feel you are exposed to ads like these, but in reality, descriptive videos are essential to the success of your business. Remember that your Instagram followers are interested in your content which is why they are following you first. They treat you as an authority when it comes to your products, so take that advantage and use the videos to explain the benefits of your products. These videos can be used for:

Show special product services

Show off your products in action

Show product usage

It is a great way for you to show your audience why your products will add value to their lives and encourage them to buy your products.

Stop motion videos

Stop motion videos are those that are designed to create several images together to present a story or take your Instagram followers on a journey. Through these videos, you have the advantage of collecting props and other items in any way you would like. This is not something you can do with a standard video or a single image. With videos like these, you take your audience on a journey in a fun way and ultimately reveal the results you want. For example, using a stop motion video to highlight an event can keep your audience interested until the end of the video showing the final result from the event.

User-generated videos

Sometimes people worry about what they see and hear from the brand because of the obvious interest in the profits involved. They are more likely to believe that your brand’s product or service is valuable if they see that other brands of your brand are reporting positively about it. Content derived from existing brands of your brand feels more real to others than an ad message or ad and can be used to achieve a growth rate in conversions.

Introduction videos

It’s important to remember that Instagram is a social media platform so people on the platform are looking to create real connections. They want to be able to connect with other people and when they connect with the brand, having a human element can make a big difference. Posting a video where you speak directly can help people set the tone for the brand and erase that dividing line to create a deeper connection. You can start by talking about what interests you in this industry and move on to more personal content so that people feel a personal connection to your brand.

These are just a few of the video views you can use to promote business growth on Instagram, but there is no limit to what you can achieve if you do your creativity.


Using videos on Instagram to promote your business is not always easy, but with practice and patience, you may end up making videos that your Instagram followers can’t get enough of.

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