Make Ad Designs That Will Capture Attention

How to Make Ad Designs That Will Capture Attention

You’ve got a great product that you’re ready to put into the hands of consumers. Now, all you need is the consumers. So, in a world with hundreds of bright and sparkly things to look at every day, how do you get potential customers to pay attention to your brand and everything you offer?

Make Ad Designs That Will Capture Attention
Make Ad Designs That Will Capture Attention

The answer? Advertisements that grab attention and cause viewers to take action. 

Look no further than this article to learn the graphic design tips you need to know to create eye-catching ad designs.

Balance Images and Words in Your Ad Designs

A picture is worth a thousand words; maybe even two thousand when it comes to an advertisement. You can show much more with a well-chosen image than you can tell with an entire paragraph.

In fact, designers recommend either as little text as possible, or text that is integrated with image designs like in creative typography. People may only glance at your ad – you need them to take in the message in an instant. That often means reducing the time it takes to read.

Make Your CTA Stand Out

Some ads are designed to create simple brand awareness, but the best advertisement designs also include instruction that causes viewers to take action. It’s hard to measure the success of an ad without a clear call to action.

Highlight the action you want people to take by using the principles of design in your favor. You can make it stand out by using proportion and contrast to draw the eye. Even a simple box around your CTA text will make it easier for viewers to engage with it.

Evoke an Emotion

You may think that connecting to the audience and stirring emotions is a job for the copywriters – but the design itself will affect feelings too! Certain colors will create different moods. Even your font choice can make your ad appear friendly and welcoming!

Any emotion will make your ad more memorable, and you can use all the principles of design to create that emotion. Balance, proportion, and contrast can create or relieve tension while color choices and the use of white space can influence the tone.

Keep It Simple

Designs for ads need to deliver one clear message in order to be effective. Choose what you want to convey, and focus only on that – then follow suit with your design choices. 

Pick one or two colors to use, stick to a single readable font, and even remove background details from the images you choose. A flashy design is more confusing than eye-catching. Simple and elegant visual elements are much more appealing!


Now you have a great product that you’re ready to deliver to the public, and a great ad to ensure they take notice! Use these design tips in your marketing, and you’ll definitely be able to grab the attention of your audience!

There are more design and marketing tips on the digital marketing page of this site! Check it out now to learn everything you need to know about great ad designs!

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