How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Living in the twenty-first century means bracing for cataclysmic weather, watching mass extinction events in real-time, and swallowing a credit card’s worth of plastic each week.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If all Americans did their part to lead a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, they could reverse these destructive effects. 

The problem is that most consumers in the US don’t know how to pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle. Most fear they will diminish their quality of life if they begin taking steps to combat climate change.

Take a moment to imagine what life might be like if you don’t. 

We’ve collected these tips to take the sting out of transitioning to a more sustainable home. Read on to learn how to go green without spending green! 

Harness the Power of the Sun

The sun is the most reliable source of green energy in the world. It produces enough energy to power the globe for a year every hour! Homeowners can live more sustainably and reduce their energy bills by switching to solar power. 

Solar power is a renewable energy resource, meaning it can’t run out and has no negative impact on the earth. If you’re ready to switch, click here for more info. 

Choose Glass Over Plastic

Did you know that glass is infinitely recyclable? You can melt it down to create new glass again and again with no loss of quality. Compare that to plastic, which is difficult to recycle and often disrupts our ecosystems. 

Plastic in the ocean is more than a problem for the fish. It is a problem for every animal that consumes those fish, including humans. Livestock consumes the plastic in the water, so you might be ingesting second-hand plastic, even if you avoid seafood. 

Replacing plastic with glass is one way to reduce your consumption of microplastics. 

Change Up Your Lightbulbs

If you’re still using incandescent lightbulbs, consider switching to LEDs. They use about 75% less energy and last as much as 35 times longer. They are a cleaner way to light your home, and you won’t have to change bulbs as often!

Check Your Windows

You might be losing energy through gaps in your windows without realizing it. Replacing or repairing inefficient windows ensures you lose less heat during cold months. Excessive home energy usage can lead to the accumulation of greenhouse gases, so every bit helps. 

Well-sealed windows are one of the simplest ways to ensure your home is a green home. It saves you money on your energy bill, too! 

Simple Steps Toward a Sustainable Lifestyle

You don’t need to go off the grid and give up your worldly possessions to live a more sustainable lifestyle. A few simple changes will allow you to combat your carbon footprint and feel better about your time on earth. You might even save some money, which is a nice bonus!

You can stay informed about the latest green news by visiting the blog. Check out our other posts on the technology that can help us stay connected in a changing world. 

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