How to Increase Business Internet Speed

Are you looking to improve your internet connection?

Over 28% of small urban businesses feel dissatisfied with their broadband quality. If you need a stable connection, your company suffers when it’s unreliable. It applies even when you have a slow office internet speed.

In this guide, we’ll teach you five simple tips to enhance your business internet speed. Read on and find out more.

Proper Router Positioning

Optimize office internet speed by placing your router in an optimal location. Putting it in a high, central space will improve the WiFi coverage.

Avoid placing it in a corner where walls or furniture can obstruct the signal. Your office kitchen is also a suboptimal place for a router. Metal utensils can weaken WiFi.

Routers can have up to eight antennas. Consider pointing it in other directions to balance WiFi distribution.

Replace Your Old Network Devices

Investing in high-quality devices such as cables, routers, and hubs will improve your business WiFi speed. As network devices age, their performance declines. Paying for replacements can strain your budget, but their long-term benefits balance it out.

Engage with the right team of professionals to set up your network cables at your office. Fiber optic cables provide greater bandwidth and run for longer distances.

Upgrade Your Internet Subscription

Ask your internet provider for internet plan recommendations. ISPs should know your specific connection problems. In some cases, they might recommend an upgrade, especially when your business expands.

Upgrading your business internet speed allows you to develop better security processes. It also ensures reliability, even when you’re transferring large amounts of data. With over 1,300 internet service providers in the U.S., picking a reputable company isn’t as tedious.

Protect Your Network from Intruders

Run a virus scan to avoid malware attacks in your business network. A good rule is to perform scans weekly.

Ensure your WiFi passwords are strong and hard to guess. Change them every month to get rid of freeloaders. Neglecting this habit can compromise your connection, resulting in slow speeds.

Set up a guest WiFi to keep your company network private. It prevents intruders from accessing your primary business network.

Consider Wired Connection

A wired connection works twice as fast as a wireless connection. However, the latter often weakens due to interference. Data transmission also works better when physically connected to the internet.

Run an internet speed test frequently. It allows you to check whether your speed is consistent with your plan. If you find problems, contact your ISP for assistance.

Increase Your Business Internet Speed Now

A reliable business internet speed is a sign of reputability. A fast internet connection allows employees to perform faster, reducing downtime. As a result, companies profit from increased productivity.

However, enhancing your connection is only the beginning. Look for a great internet service provider to make the most out of your money.

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