How to Heal Crack Paws on Your Dog

Cracked paws aren’t just a problem for your dog during dry, frigid winters.

Everything from skin conditions to hot cement can damage your pup’s paws.

You can heal cracked paws yourself without visiting a vet in many cases. Prevention is even better!

Remember these tips and remedies the next time your dog’s paws are in trouble.

Prevent Paw Licking

Is your dog licking their paws too much?

The problem could be a sign of boredom, anxiety, allergies, or another skin condition. However, this habit dries out the skin between the paw pads, creating dry, cracked paws.

Another common culprit is yeast infections in the paws. These infections are caused by excessive itching, allergic skin disease, and other skin conditions.

Washing your dog’s paws with a moisturizing antibacterial and antifungal cleanser will save you a lot of trouble if your dog is prone to yeast infections. However, if the problem persists, your vet can prescribe an oral medication to clear up the infection.

Since anxiety is another common reason behind paw licking, ensure your dog gets plenty of walks and attention. Chew toys also distract dogs away from their paws.

Regular Paw Grooming

One of the biggest challenges pet owners face is time. You make time for walks, cuddles, and a quick shampooing in the backyard, but paw grooming can fall between the cracks.

Nail trimming helps prevent painful callouses and cracks in your dog’s feet. Many pet owners stop here since nail trimming is challenging on its own.

However, like your own skin, dogs need moisturizers too!

After shampooing and nail trimming, professional groomers rub specially-formulated oils and ointments into dogs’ paws. Next time you take your dog to the groomer, feel your dog’s paws or ask which brand they prefer. It’s possible they even make their own private label pet balms.

Essentials oils help retain moisture, as well. Plus, some oils like lavender oil are shown to have possible healing properties via research studies. Lavender can help soothe your pet’s paws from cracked, dry skin.

Remember always to apply a paw balm after every grooming, as shampoo alone can dry out your dog’s skin.

Apply Healing Ointment to Cracked Paws

Holistic pet owners can buy lavender-infused paw ointment from pet retailers. However, it may not be enough to heal cracked dog pads completely. Always keep an antiseptic cream on-hand, similar to any over-the-counter ointment.

Of course, you can always purchase paw wound ointment from any pet retailer. More severe wounds would require a prescription from a vet. It doesn’t hurt to call a professional, especially if dry dog pads are a reoccurring problem.

One of the biggest challenges of applying ointment is preventing your dog from licking it off! It’s best to use it while your dog is tired and sleepy. However, avoid applying it while your dog is fast asleep; this action could startle your pet, quickly forcing them on their feet.

Keep Paws Happy and Healthy!

Dry, cracked paws lead to painful feet. Remember these tips as you keep your dog’s paws safe, healthy, and cozy. Don’t hesitate to call your vet if you have any questions about paw health.

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