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How To Have An Eco-Friendly Business: 11 Important Tips

Companies with green initiatives grow 28 times faster than average companies, which shows how powerful being eco-friendly is.

Whether it’s attracting prospects or securing lucrative partnerships, making your business more eco-friendly does wonders for your profit and the environment. But there are certain things you can do to become green. Perhaps you’re currently in this situation and you have no idea how to become more eco-friendly.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is are 11 tips for running an eco-friendly business. 

1. Offer Remote Work 

One of the top eco-friendly tips is offering remote work. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have accommodated employees working from home, which boosts productivity and saves the planet. If you’re skeptical, then ask the team to work remotely once a week so you can see whether it aligns with your business

But if it’s impossible in your industry, then offer public transit commuter benefits. Aside from walking or cycling, public transport is the greenest way to commute so connect with your local city transit agency and see whether they offer small businesses subsidies.  

2. Conserve Water 

If caring for the environment is your top priority, then conserve water. Start by fixing dripping faucets and installing dual-flush toilets as they consume less. You should also invest in a dishwasher so you can wash dirty dishes at the end of the day, which also saves time during the working day.

And if your area receives frequent rain, then install a water butt so you can use the rainwater for your plants and even for your toilet.   

3. Recycle Electronics 

Every green business should recycle its electronics properly. For instance, if you’re regularly replacing laptops, tablets, or phones, then donate these to local schools or charities. You should also learn more about asset recovery as it’s an eco-friendly method of protecting old electronics.  

4. Use Sustainable Packaging 

When caring for the planet, it’s important to use sustainable materials, which include your product packaging. Make sure you use recycled paper and cardboard when you can. Or, if you want to make a difference, then ship your products with compostable packaging as it creates zero waste.  

5. Make Energy-Efficient Upgrades 

Commercial buildings generate around 16% of all U.S carbon dioxide emissions, but this can be reduced by adding energy-efficient appliances in the workplace. You can do this by using LED lights and installing sensors so you only use what you need. 

Further, businesses can use smart thermostats to maximize natural light and ask employees to use laptops instead of desktop computers. 

6. Switch to Reusable Office Supplies 

One of the top eco-friendly ideas is to reuse office items. For example, file folders, paper clips, and binders can be used multiple times so ask employees to return stationary they no longer need. 

You can even nominate a team member to monitor the supply cabinet by taking stock of stationary and handing them out. Then, ask the employee to tell you how many supplies are going on every week. 

7. Choose Green Web Hosting Services 

Although it’s less obvious, websites generate energy too. Because of this, it’s important to work with a green web provider as they decarbonize their data centers. If you’re unfamiliar, then find a service that uses renewable energy to run their systems as it proves that they’re eco-conscious. 

Further, green hosting is more affordable because the service has already saved money by generating its energy, making it a win-win. 

8. Compost 

Be mindful of how you’re handling kitchen or food waste in the workplace.

A great method is by composting banana peels or tea bags so they don’t take up space at the landfill. To do this, set up a bin and ask employees to add any of their leftover food. Then, when it’s ready, you can use it to fertilize plants in your office and even grow veggies or a communal herb garden.

9. Save Energy 

There are many ways you can save energy without switching suppliers or affecting productivity. If your business relies heavily on computers, then activate the power management system which puts laptops into reduced power mode after a period of inactivity. And, at the end of every day, ask employees to turn off their devices as it will save you a fortune over the year. 

Further, maximize natural light so you needn’t always use overhead lights. To make this effective, make sure that furniture isn’t blocking the windows and paint the walls in a bright color as it reflects light around the room. 

10. Go Paperless 

Around one billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S, which shows it’s not a sustainable practice. Luckily, this can change when businesses go make it a priority to go paperless. 

Instead of sending out physical invoices, use e-bills so the recipient can pay you via their internet banking. You should also limit printing as much as possible by asking employees to use digital documents and fillable PDF forms.

11. Choose Green Suppliers 

A great way for businesses to be eco-friendly is by choosing green energy suppliers. Find a service that is generated by solar, wind, or hydro as it will limit your carbon footprint. Aside from this, source raw materials from sustainable companies so you can go green as much as possible. 

Run an Eco-Friendly Business Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to run an eco-friendly business. 

Start by offering remote work, encourage your team to go paperless, and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. You should also choose green web hosting services and conserve water wherever you can. Good luck! 

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