How to Find the Best YouTube Keywords for Channel Growth

Are you hoping to grow a big YouTube channel?

If so, you’ll soon realize that having great videos isn’t enough! You also need to find a method for attracting more viewers to your channel. You also need to find a way to convert these viewers into committed subscribers.

So how do you do this? What’s the marketing strategy that you’re missing out on?

One great hack is to find the best YouTube keywords to help improve your channel’s SEO rankings within the platform. Here’s how you can do it.

Research Keywords For YouTube

You can use this YouTube keyword tool to find the right keywords that’ll work for your type of content. Many YouTubers end up “guessing” what keywords will work well for their content.

But with the YouTube keyword tool, you’ll find the trending keywords for your niche. You’ll also get an idea of how popular these keywords are for your niche.

This lets you decide which keywords to use and which ones you’d prefer to avoid. You might want to use some keywords that have lots of competition and others that have less competition.

Test Them Out

Because you can edit your YouTube video description, channel description, and video titles at any time, you can experiment with different keywords. 

You can use the keyword tool to make separate lists with the keywords you’d like to use for each video. Add these keywords to your video’s title and description. 

Wait one or two weeks to see if your videos get more views and if your channel receives more subscribers. If it doesn’t, then you can test out another set of keywords.

Of course, you can always mix up different keywords. YouTube’s analytics tools can give you an idea of what keywords are most used to find your content.

How to Use YouTube Keywords

Now let’s look at how to actually use the YouTube keywords for your content. You want to ensure that you use as many keywords as possible but that you avoid keyword stuffing.

Make sure that the keywords flow naturally within your text. Your viewers will notice if you’ve forcefully added words just to improve your SEO rankings. This will turn them away from watching your content.

Consider the 80/20 rule when it comes to both your video titles and descriptions. 80% of the text should be normal while 20% should include keywords.

You can experiment with different ratios but you want to ensure that most of the text isn’t your keywords. This makes your keywords stand out more to your viewers.

Grow Your YouTube Channel

Now you can use YouTube keywords to grow your YouTube channel and find a wider audience for your content.

The first step is to use a keyword tool to find the best keywords for your niche. You’ll find popular and less popular keywords so you can decide which ones to use.

Make sure you test out different keywords to see which ones serve you best. You want to use your keywords sparingly in both your video’s title and description to avoid over-stuffing with keywords.

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