How to do wear boxer braids

How to do wear boxer braids

How to do wear boxer braids
How to do wear boxer braids

The boxer braids or commonly called boxer braids are a practical, modern hairstyle and very easy to do. You can wear it at the beach, the gym or when you do running. You can even take it to work!

We explain how to make these fantastic braids, a hairstyle that never goes out of style.

Comfort, style, and a natural wave are the main advantages of wearing beautiful and definitive boxer braids or boxer braids, a simple and very practical hairstyle. You can even do it if you have a bob or blunt bob haircut.

This type of braids, similar to Dutch braids, has become a hit for sports, going to the beach, or for any event of the day. But where did the idea of ​​getting these braids come from?

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Although the Kardashians exploit it to the fullest in their Instagram stories, this hairstyle, a variant of African braids, became popular in 2004 with the movie Million Dolar Baby with Hilary Swank as the protagonist. And it is that the actress, who played the role of a young boxer who wore this hairstyle at the time of training and getting into the combat ring, turned this hairstyle into a revolution for day to day because it provided comfort when it came to performing any movement.

And you can wear these braids at any time of the year, especially in summer, when the sun, chlorine, and saltpeter affect the hair more. Let’s see how it’s done, step by step!

How to do boxer braids

wear boxer braids
wear boxer braids

You can make these braids with wet, dry hair or with a touch of hairspray or fixing gel to define it and prevent them from becoming fluffy, that is, they make baby hair frizzy.

We advise you to do it with your hair very clean, brushed, and semi-damp, as this way they will fix better and when you take them off you will have surf waves with a very natural finish. In addition, the finish of the boxer braids will be more fixed and perfect.

The best version of boxer braids is inward braiding.

1. Divide the hair into two halves

With a fine-toed comb make two distributions starting from the middle of the forehead towards the back. Pick up one of the halves with a hair tie or clip (to prevent them from getting mixed up).

2. Braid down

Pick up your bangs by the roots and divide them into three parts. The boxer braid is always made by intermingling the three strands at the bottom, as this is how the braid shape comes up.

That is, if you start on the right side (the easiest), tuck the left strand under the middle strand and pull it out above the right strand. It’s like doing a braid, but inside.

3. Direction of the braid: On the diagonal!

The direction is always diagonal, that is, you have to make the braid right from the beginning of the part that divides the hair in two and form the braid diagonally downwards. While you are weaving the braid, take fine strands from both parts and intertwine them. It is better to collect a little hair, as this will give more volume to the braid.

Make sure to pin it tight so the braid is as close to the scalp as possible. When you reach the nape of the neck, make the normal braid, the classic one, and collect it with two hair ties.

4. Do the other part

When you have finished with the first braid, start with the other part in the same way: a strand is taken, divided into three, and braided inwards. Remember that the direction is always diagonal, it has to be symmetrical with the other!

Tip: Be careful not to let the short layers slip if you style your hair in layers. If you use a little heat protection oil, it will make your hair more moldable and easier to style.

How to wear boxer braids

As we said at the beginning, you can do this hairstyle with wet, semi-wet, or dry hair. A good tip is to make boxer braids to train if you are very fit or to hide dirty hair.

In addition, it is ideal for greasy hair, since, as the hair is fixed and in only one position, it avoids those annoying shine that characterizes an oily mane. In addition, it prevents us from touching it with our hands all the time.

If you do this hairstyle with clean and dry hair, we recommend that you apply a fixing product (wax or fixing gel) before starting. In this way, it will last longer and be more defined.

This hairstyle is also perfect if you have long hair, with a lot of volumes, a tendency to frizz and in large quantities, as it provides comfort on a day-to-day basis or to make natural waves without leaving home.

On short hair

On short hair
On short hair

If you have short hair, Blunt bob style, or a classic bob cut, there is a very chic version: Braid until reaching the nape of the neck and tie it with a scrunchie leaving part of the hair unbraided. This is one of the best braid hairstyles for boho or casual looks.

After two days, take them off and let your hair breathe before washing it again. If you have dry hair, you can probably leave them on your head for up to three days.

And remember, the perfect boxer braids take practice time and some skill with your hands. Over time and as you practice, the better they will come out. Oh, and don’t forget to practice on other heads (friends, friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents …), since this way you will acquire more fluency with your hands.

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