How to Design Uniform Patches

How to Design Uniform Patches

Putting custom embroidered patches on your uniforms can bring class and professionalism to your business.

Coming up with a good patch design isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if your business has great branding, it can be difficult to translate that directly to the patch format. It’s worthwhile to figure out a patch design because they can really take your uniforms to the next level.

Today, we’re going to give you all the uniform patch design tips you’ll need to make sure that your uniform patches have the effect you need them to. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, so keep reading and your uniforms will properly represent your business.

If you have a company logo, take a good hard look at it to determine whether or not it will work as a patch. Often, companies will try to take their logo and scale it down to patch size, but that doesn’t always work.

Designs with small text, too many colors, and intricate patterns will rarely translate well to the patch. If this describes your logo, you’ll want to take the most important parts and alter the rest to suit the patch.

Size and Shape

Where are you trying to place this uniform patch? Is it on the chest part of the uniform, the back, or the shoulder?

Knowing where your patch is going will help you determine the size and the shape to move forward with. Most patch design companies will have a wide range of employee uniform patches to choose from, so work with them to come up with the best size for your uniforms.

A shoulder patch, for instance, should always be between three and five inches wide. Anything too big will overpower the space on the uniform and anything too small will feel like an insignificant addition to the uniform.

Go Big With Bold Colors

Strong colors are the best way to go with uniform patches. The more color you introduce into the patch design, the harder it’ll be to get your branding message across.

If you’ve got multiple colors in your business logo, choose the two most prominent ones that also contrast and complement each other. This will ensure that any lettering that you put on the patch will come through nicely.

Depending on the company you work with, you may be able to choose up to 8 different thread colors, but each additional one will cost you. It’s best to keep things simple and bold.

Be Careful With Lettering

Lettering can be finicky on a patch. One of the most important uniform patch design tips that we can give is to make your lettering at least 1/4″ tall.

Anything smaller will be extremely difficult to read, making it almost pointless. If that feels limiting, then just increase the size of your patch to fit more words in.

Work With a Great Patch Company for Your Uniform Patches

Now that you know how to come up with a great design for your uniform patches, you can start toiling away. A great patch design can take your uniforms up a level, making your employees look and feel like a more important part of your team. Don’t ignore the importance of the patch.

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