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How to Design Flyers for Your Business

Did you know that the average person sees between 6,500 and 11,000 advertisements per day?

You want your print advertising campaign to stand out from the crowd – and designing great flyers is a huge part of the process. A great flyer design will catch the eye of potential customers and drive more trade to your business.

These tips will show you how to design flyers that make a great and lasting impression on everybody who sees it.

Read on for our tip flyer design tips.

Function Before Form

Whether you’re advertising a landscaping business or a restaurant, your flyer must be eye-catching enough to be taken and read. This is an important step in creating professional-looking flyers. The information should be succinct enough to persuade that customer to visit your store or attend your event.

The areas for text on your flyer are limited due to the size of the flyers. Don’t overburden your reader by cramming in too much information. Keep your material clear and concise – only the essential elements should be left in.

Utilize Space and Layout

The layout of your flyer can influence your reader’s interest. Long paragraphs can appear as walls of text at first glance, which may turn off potential customers. Receive this tension by employing white space, which is the region around your text content. Divide your material into sections with headings to make it more visually appealing.

Use bullet points and subheadings to summarize your key points and make the best use of the space on your flyers.

Include Testimonials

A flyer is a great way to show off positives testimonials from your previous customers. Be sure to allocate a section of your flyers to this shining feedback. Don’t overcrowd your flyers with testimonials – one or two great examples are enough.

Put your contact information next to the testimonial section of your flyer. That way, potential clients will be reminded of your strong track record when they reach out for a consultation or purchase.

Stay Consistent

To make your flyer design aesthetically pleasing, you’ll need to keep your design consistent and straightforward. Avoid using too many different fonts, typefaces, and text sizes.

You want the flyer’s color scheme to tie into and compliment your company logo and existing branding. Use high-quality photos and images throughout for a clean and complete design.

Check out these business flyers for flyer design ideas and inspiration.

How To Design Flyers That Win Clients

Flyers are a tried and tested marketing technique that can win you new clients and boost conversion rates. By learning how to design flyers that make an impact, you’ll see your consumer interaction grow through great outreach.

We hope this guide points you in the right direction when it comes to your new business flyer design.

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