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How to Design a Beer Bottle Label

Beer is one of the most common indulgences in America. Did you know that there are currently more than 10,000 craft breweries in the US? With that kind of number, boosting your sales will be hard.

However, if you put your brand in the right direction, this competitive industry will be easy to handle. Beer bottle label designing is becoming a big art form itself. It’s also the best way to make your craft beer stand out from the rest.

People tend to overlook them, but a well-designed beer bottle label plays a big part in boosting sales. Are you looking to build your very own beer brand? Read on for an in-depth beer bottle label design guide.

What To Consider When Coming Up A Beer Bottle Label Design

To create the best beer bottle label design for your homebrew, you first need to know what you need to consider. There’s more to designing beer bottle labels than what meets the eye. Because it’s a type of art, you’ll need to know your product and brand from the inside out.

When creating a beer bottle label, consider these three things.

  • Your product
  • Your customers
  • How they will be buying your beers

This will help you create a design that will enable you to double your profits.

Can Vs. Bottle

Apart from design, choosing between cans or bottles is also something you need to decide on. Although both containers are great in their own ways, opting for a can or bottle will boil down to your preferences.

From a designing perspective, identifying which of these you prefer is a good way of establishing your brand’s personality. Vessels are important because they help attract the attention of your target customers.

Tips For Beer Bottle Label Designs

The best beer bottle design is always the one that showcases your brand’s personality. A label design aids in translating that personality into visual form. For instance, your craft beer is a sweet, fruity ale; you need to be able to show that in your beer bottle label.

There’s no creative limit to designing your beer bottle label. However, you will have to follow specific requirements from TTB. This includes font sizes, label placements, and alcohol content percentages.

Aside from the things listed in the TTB’s Beverage Alcohol Manual, you’re free to design your label. With the help of the following elements, you can achieve the beer bottle design that represents your brand.


Color psychology plays a big part in your label design. This means that choosing the right color palette can determine if your beer will sell or not.

When working with glass bottles, ensure that their color matches the label design. Having a consistent appearance in your products helps in marketing them. It’s also a good way to make yourself unforgettable by consumers.

Remember that color is the best way to communicate your personality. Each color also suggests a unique emotional meaning. It’s a fast and useful marketing method to communicate your complex brand at a glance.

Shape And Size

The shapes of a beer bottle label are also a specific consideration to many craft beer brewers. Old breweries will want to keep staying in the traditional shape and size. Younger brewers would want something more innovative and unique.

Although it’s best to keep in mind that your beer label sizes will depend on your vessel. For example, beer cans have a bigger space to offer than bottles. This can help if your label design is big and bold.

Style And Imagery

The most exciting part of designing beer labels is its imagery. Style and imagery are the elements that help set your brand stand out. They create a memorable experience and turn a beer container into a work of art.

A beer bottle label design also reflects certain interests like music or films that can help attract your target customers. They can also pay homage to the brewer’s heritage.


Legible typography is also crucial in a beer label design. Not only that, but the size of your label also affects your font size.

In a way, fonts are also like colors. They help in establishing and communicating your brand personality. For instance, having serif or script fonts give off a classic feel to your label. Meanwhile, San-serif fonts have a more modern look to them.

Remember to keep an ample white space and contrast between the letters and your background. Don’t go crazy with your display font, either.

Readability is a key factor in making your customers remember you. A crazy display font may make you more forgettable as a beer brand. Make sure to keep the other words on your label clear and legible to prevent any violations from TTB.

Materials And Production

After finalizing the design, think about how you will be printing your labels. Many beer bottle labels get printed on coated paper that can handle condensation. However, some use matte paper for aesthetics.

Keep in mind that traditional label designs are easier to print than those with custom die-cut labels. Custom labels are also more expensive and have a longer production time.

Apart from that, you also need to consider how you’ll apply your labels. While fixing your labels to bottles by hand is more affordable, it’s tedious and time-consuming. This is okay if you’re planning to sell in small amounts.

If you plan on mass-producing, consider investing in a bottle labeling machine.

Your Ultimate Guide To Beer Bottle Label Designing

The design of your beer bottle label plays a bigger role than what you expect. Knowing how to create the best beer bottle label design for your craft beer is a marketing advantage. Not only will it boost your sales, but it also establishes your brand personality.

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