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How to Deal With Thousands of Unread Emails

Around 4 billion people use email regularly. That, plus automated emails, ends up with a lot of unread emails in our inboxes.

Do you struggle with managing your emails? There are options available to you.

Read on to find out what to do when you’re buried in thousands of unread emails.

Delete All Unread Emails

The easiest thing to do with your unread emails is to just delete them all. However, you might risk deleting something you actually turn out to need.

If an unread email is over three years old, it’s probably safe to delete. You might want to take a more specific look at anything more recent.

Take The Time

To get through all your emails, you’ll need to book a decent amount of time off. You can either get it all done in one shot, or you can out a recurring time in your schedule every day or week to muddle through little by little.

You do need to actually commit to going through them, though – it won’t help anything if you get bored and give up right away.

You can start off by making a new subfolder for all your older, unread emails. This will prevent anything new from getting lost in the shuffle, and you won’t end up deleting anything important while you clear things out.

Use Filters

Depending on your email provider, there may be built-in filters you can use to manage your unread emails. This can help you know what to get rid of right now, but it will also help you keep your unread emails to a manageable level in the future.

You can filter everything from different brands to a promotions folder, and any updates from your social media into a social media folder. In a lot of cases, these emails can be deleted without reading them, since there’s nothing in there you need to respond to.

This is also a good time to consider unsubscribe and spam. You can unsubscribe from promotional emails that you never read. That way, they won’t continue filling up your inbox with more unread email.

Marking emails that look suspicious or that you don’t need as spam will redirect them to your spam folder, which you can then empty without reading. So, you won’t risk clicking on something dangerous when you’re going through your old emails.

Try Out Third-Party Cleaning Apps

You might just not have the time and energy to go through all your emails. In that case, you can outsource your issue.

Click on this homepage to get started with third-party cleaning apps for your email.

Deal With Your Unread Emails Today

While managing your unread emails might take some time, it’s important to jump in as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll just keep piling up.

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