How to Create an Automated Marketing Campaign That Works

How To Create An Automated Marketing Campaign That Works

While the pandemic closed a lot of businesses, it also motivated more people to open their own. To date, there are more than 500,000 new businesses that have opened. In the first three months of 2021 alone, around 146,486 start-ups opened.

With the increasing number of competition, marketing campaigns are getting aggressive. To cope up, automating marketing tactics is greatly recommended. Keep reading to find out how to create an effective automated marketing campaign.

Organize And Segment Your Lead Database

Your lead database is a valuable asset needed while making any type of marketing automation campaign. Thus, you must segment them for easier use.

You can segment according to profile information such as gender or age. You can also group them according to their latest activity, area of interest, or place in the sales funnel.

With a segmented lead database, automating your marketing campaign will be simpler and quicker to implement. For instance, you may have to create an automated workflow targeting age-specific leads. Since you have segmented your lead database, it will be easier to create a contact list according to your needs.

Assess Areas To Focus On

There’s no need to integrate automation into every part of your marketing campaign when you’re only starting. Instead, it’s best to check all aspects of your campaign to determine which areas you need to improve the most.

Do you need help in generating more leads? Perhaps you need to focus on nurturing your leads the most? Whatever the case may be, identifying the Achilles heel of your campaign can help you craft an effective automated marketing campaign plan.

Such knowledge will let you know what specific outcome you want to achieve with digital marketing automation. Once you know what to accomplish, you use it to implement specific steps to achieve those goals.

For instance, you identified that most of your leads stopped responding. You can resolve this by creating an “If-Then” workflow. 

Here are some If-Then logic examples that you can use:

  • If a lead doesn’t respond within 30 days, then they receive an SMS.
  • If a lead doesn’t respond to SMS within 36 hours, then they receive an email.
  • If a lead doesn’t respond within five days, they receive a follow-up SMS with a link leading to product promotions.

These workflows are specific, but they let you see the big picture. You get to see how clear but straightforward actions can affect your business performance. 

Select Appropriate Capture Tool

Now that you know where you want your automated marketing campaign to go, it’s time to choose your weapon. Capture tools include pop-ups, banners, landing pages, push notifications, and the likes.

As the name suggests, these are what you use to get your visitors to linger on your website. It gives you ample time to grab their hearts and make them your customer. More importantly, capture tools allow you to gather the contact information of your visitors. Thus, strategic planning is also a must for this to work.

For instance, you are having a week-long sale on your best-selling products. The best tool to use for these cases is pop-up, as they allow you to be creative and have a clear CTA button.

The most strategic place to insert your pop-up would be under “products and services.” When visitors click on this, it leads them to a landing page that’ll collect their contact info.

Convert Leads To Customers

Consistency is key to all the best marketing automation campaigns. Capture tools aren’t enough to hook your lead; you need to draw them in using other forms of the campaign further.

It’s worthy to note that an email campaign is one of the most cost-effective tools to date. Use the contact information you collected through your capture tools.

Send out automated emails, newsletters, SMS, and other marketing tools. Also, with the increasing number of mobile users, make sure to include push notifications in your automated marketing campaign.

These tools allow you to provide one-time offers to your leads directly. It can also help you connect and educate your contacts about your company’s latest news. Above all, it can serve as your means to build a relationship with your customers.

Automating a marketing campaign can be quite difficult to implement. It also takes a lot of time and effort, one that you can spend better in focusing on more important matters of your business. Thus, a sales and marketing agency is a more practical choice; view here now for more information.

Pay Attention To Your Content

The main ingredient to your automated marketing campaign is your content. These are the messages you send or the articles you publish on your blog. As this is the main deal, you need to make sure it’s high-quality.

When writing to leads, always consider customer experience. For example, instead of using “our valued customer,” use their names. This will make you appear more familiar with your leads, which can help foster a relationship.

It also helps to make your tone light and comfortable. Structure your message in a way that it seems like you’re talking to them in person. Don’t use terms that ordinary people won’t understand.

If your business regularly comes in contact with global customers, be polite. A formal but warm approach is highly appreciated across various cultures.

More importantly, to make an effective text campaign, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Sales messages hitting their emails or phones is one thing that customers hate the most. It makes them feel that all you want is their money.

As such, read your message and evaluate whether it sounds too sales. If it does, edit it and make it sound informative instead.

Instill Trust

Neuroscience proved that trust motivates customer-client engagement, collaboration, and, best of all, loyalty. The best way to build trust is to give off a positive vibe.

As such, incorporate positive synergy in every aspect of your campaign. This could be in your messages, the theme of your website, or the colors that you use in your pop-ups.

Take Advantage Of Automated Marketing Campaign

Congratulations! You now have a full understanding of how to create an effective automated marketing campaign. Reach your goals with the help of this recipe. 

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