How to Choose the Best ERP System for Your Company

You can get far in business using standard software, but there comes the point where you need something more. For many companies, that means investing in ERP solutions. Reports show that 50% of organizations already use ERP in business daily.

However, ERP software is complex, so finding your best option isn’t a simple matter.

When you’re buying a program to handle so much of your company’s work, you can’t afford to pick the wrong ERP systems. Keep reading to learn what it takes to buy the best ERP system.

Lay Out Your Needs

When you answer the question, “what is an ERP system?” you’ll probably learn something other ERP users already know. An ERP system is a complex piece of software that can handle many business needs.

However, not all systems have the same capabilities. You’ll need to determine what business functions you want to pass to your ERP solution. Create a list of your needs for your ERP program to ensure you find a solution that can offer your business everything it needs.

Decide on Cloud vs. In-House Software

You don’t need to run all your software in an office anymore. Cloud computing has advanced enough to make even complex software worth running in the cloud.

When considering cloud ERP systems, there is a lot to consider, so think of what works best for your employees.

The cloud makes more sense if you have a remote team by allowing remote access. If security is a concern, sticking to an in-house solution may be the best choice.

Check for Integrations

Even if you use your ERP solution for most of your needs, you may still need other software. The problem is that you may need some of your data to interchange between your applications.

Luckily, most software today offers integrations with other programs. Check the integration capabilities with your ERP software to see how well it works with your other software.

Get Pricing Data

You’ll find a lot of pricing options in the software world. It doesn’t take too many resources to host software, so companies can charge a lot and make a good margin.

That makes looking at your pricing options critical when looking for new software. Try to find as many ERP companies as possible to see what they charge.

Make sure you also consider additional fees. Some companies have a base fee and charge more based on how many features you use in the software.

Talk to References

It’s not always easy to find reviews for ERP software. Some systems are complex and expensive, which means they’re out of reach for many individuals and businesses. Not all the people who use these systems will post reviews online.

You’ll need to reach out directly to the customers of ERP software like tomerlin-erp.com to get feedback. Ask your ERP options to provide references from current and past customers. You can use your time with these customers to learn everything you need about an ERP program.

Don’t Accept Less Than the Best ERP System

You’re making a significant investment when you purchase ERP software. Your program will handle many things in your organization, so you need it to work seamlessly for everyone involved. Use the guide above to find the best ERP system for your business.

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