How To Be a Youtuber Golden Rule For Beginners

How To Be a Youtuber Golden Rule For Beginners

Do you want to become a Youtuber and don’t know how? It may seem very easy to talk to a camera from a room, but really, how do you create a Youtuber? Do you have any infallible tricks? In this post, we are going to talk about this great global phenomenon that moves the masses and how to become a successful Youtuber.

Golden Rules to Become a Successful Youtuber

How To Be An Influencer?

There is no magic formula to succeed on YouTube, but there are some guidelines so that you can find out how these influencers work :

Create professional videos with the basic kit that we suggest in this post.

Position yourself as if you were a product. Look for a gap in the market that is empty and create valuable content for that client.

Build your brand. Remember you are a product in the market and you have to fit in with your audience.

Use the language of your audience. Create one or more buyer personas to define an appropriate tone.

Use your buyer persona to create a relevant content plan and posting schedule.

Being a Youtuber is a long-distance race but, as with everything, it requires perseverance and regularity. For this reason, your audience is accustomed to a recurrence in the publication of content.

The first 10 seconds are essential, sell what you offer in that time, and do not make videos that are too long (1 or 2 minutes). 80% of users see only the first 10 seconds.

Use Youtube Trends and Google Insights to see what is being liked but also measure results and evaluate what has been liked more than what you have done.

Promote your content and join the conversation. The more you let yourself be seen, the more visits you will have.

Analyze if your content is liked, if it is liked then you are doing things right, it is a matter of time and scalability.

What Audiovisual Material Do I need?

To start, you will have to know what you need, especially in terms of technology and tools that YouTubers work with every day. Below we give you some guidelines for the material that will help you to learn how to be a YouTuber.


The first thing is to get a camera to be able to record. The cameras most used by the majority of YouTubers are classified into two types: Reflex and Compact. One of the most common elements of these camera models is the folding screen, that is, the camera has a screen that can be rotated to see you while recording yourself.

Although at first glance it doesn’t seem very important, this feature makes recording work much easier, and even more so if we don’t have anyone to help us. Another important factor is the autofocus and tracking system to keep your face focused on the background and achieve greater prominence. 

Regarding the price of these cameras, they are not the cheapest cameras on the market but they are not the most expensive either. This range will allow you to make very good, high-quality videos without the need to make a large investment.


100% necessary to maintain a fixed and stable image. It can be a tiny tripod to place on a table, but in general, a tripod that allows us to adjust the height and offers stable support for the camera is convenient. Keep in mind that if you have a heavy camera, such as a large SLR, the tripod needs to be sturdy and sturdy to hold it.


Sound quality is just as important or even more important than image quality. Have you ever heard that if a video has poor image quality but good audio at the same time, the viewer can still watch that video? And on the other hand, if the situation is the other way around and we find a poor audio quality, the viewer will not take long to stop that video. Curious but true.

What we advise you is to avoid recording sound with the camera’s internal microphone and always use an external microphone or external recorder to avoid background noise or hum.


Lighting is one of the most important factors in achieving quality video. You can already have the best camera in the world and if the scene is poorly lit it won’t do you any good.

When we talk about lighting, we are not referring to the amount of light but to getting a suitable environment for the scene you are going to record. We are going to see some technical specifications for a small studio (such as the rooms of the YouTubers).

Enough light for the camera to capture details and colors.

Avoid harsh shadows, especially on the face.

Give prominence to the subject with respect to the background.

There is a basic lighting scheme that consists of three light sources: main light, fill light, and backlight.

As its name indicates, the main light provides more light and is the one that serves as a reference, setting the standard concerning the intensity of the other sources. To soften a light, various diffusers are used, such as light boxes or diffuser umbrellas, which are nothing more than a translucent white surface placed in front of the light source.

Do You Want To Be a YouTuber?

Even so, it should be noted that the best light is natural, although it also has its disadvantages; it depends on the time and the day it is (cloudy, sunny… even the passage of clouds can cause you to see changes in the intensity of light during recording).

And once you have your video recorded, the last step before uploading the video, and perhaps the one that requires the most work, is editing it. For this, we recommend the following professional programs in which you will find a variety of options to create a creative audiovisual piece.

iMovie (Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (PC): 

These two already come on your computer and are very easy to use for beginners starting in this sector. We also recommend that, as soon as you can, you leap to something more complex and complete at the same time. It will be worth it.

Final Cut (Mac) or Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and PC): 

These are the programs most used by YouTubers as they offer many options compared to other editing programs. Once you work with these, you will not be able to go back to any other.

ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camtasia (Mac and PC): 

They also have the option of editing the videos, but what characterizes these programs is the possibility of recording your computer screen, which is known as screen capture. This option is used by many YouTubers who, for example, want to show a game played on a computer.

How Do I Upload My Videos So That They Are a Phenomenon on YouTube?

Now that you have your video recorded and assembled, the only thing left is the easiest: upload it to the Internet or rather, as a good YouTuber, upload it to YouTube. For this you will need to create a Google account; you can use the same one you have for your Gmail email. 

Once you have an account, upload the video from the page of your channel logged in with your account.

Once the button is clicked, the following page will appear where you must select the file you want to upload or drag it directly into the following space.

While the video is being uploaded and processed, you will need to fill in the following fields:


write a title that summarizes the video but above all is concise and striking.


write what the video is about in a summarized way, although the longer the text, the more it will help a greater number of users to find you. In the description, you can also add your social networks or website, ask them to subscribe to your channel, etc.  


Type keywords that describe your video to rank it in the search.

It is very important to know how to optimize your videos for YouTube, so we leave you this guide that will surely be of great help to improve the SEO of your content.


And last but not least are the thumbnails. It is very important to take into account the following aspects so that your video stands out above that of the other YouTubers and is the one chosen for the user within the infinite uploads that are made every hour. Remember that both the title and the thumbnail are the aspects that will guide the user to decide whether to click on the video to play it or not.

The colors must be striking and, if possible, be within those of your corporate image.

If you incorporate an image of yourself, even better.

The words that you include in the image must be of a significant size to be able to be read in the small size that they have.

Maintaining the same style for all thumbnails builds loyalty to your channel and your brand.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos

Activating the monetization of your videos on your YouTube channel and thus obtaining economic benefits with it is very simple: You just have to enter the configuration of your channel, in the “Obtaining income” section and, once there, “Activate the earning program on my account.”

From there, you will be able to manage the income of your videos and be able to track and report your statistics.

How Much Does a Youtuber Earn? Rules To Earn Income With Your Channel

Unfortunately, the latest Youtube update came in the form of bad news for beginner or lower-level independent YouTubers. In this new update, the platform requires new rules for users to earn money through their channel:

Only those YouTubers who have more than 1000 subscribers on their channel will earn money through their videos.

These users must also manage to generate 4,000 hours of video viewing per year.

These are the new figures that both old users must meet; like the new YouTubers, which is estimated to take between 2 and 20 months to achieve this number of users, which entails an extra promotional effort for them.

In addition to this, Youtube will validate, in a “human” and specific way, each video uploaded by the big YouTubers with more than one million followers. In this way, they will be able to avoid unusual content: violence, sex, drugs… in the most viral videos.

How you see how to earn income on YouTube depends on many factors, especially the work you invest in creating content and the niche you are targeting. If you want to know how much the most famous Youtubers charge,


Well, now that you have a good guide on how to be a YouTuber, you are aware that this profession, in addition to many skills, requires very specific training. If you want to be a Youtuber, we have created the Postgraduate in Professional Influencer with which you will learn to develop a successful channel. And if you liked this content, share it or leave us a comment.

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