How to Avoid the Most Common Smartphone Mistakes at All Costs

Did you know that there are almost 295 million smartphone users in the United States of America? There are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning the different types of smartphones on the market today. If you want to keep the best smartphone in great shape then there are certain smartphone mistakes that you need to know about and avoid.

Some people hate using a case on their smartphone but that case protects the phone from drops and getting damaged. Even with the most affordable smartphone, there are still precautions that you should take in order to keep your phone nice.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn all about the common mistakes that get made by the average smartphone user. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Charging to 100 Percent

One of the biggest mistakes that smartphone users make with their phones is leaving them on the charger all night until they reach 100 percent battery capacity. You’re causing your phone’s battery a bunch of issues if you’re constantly charging to full capacity and leaving the phone on the charger once it is there.

You also need to avoid letting your phone drop to zero percent battery capacity because that will cause battery issues in the future. Your phone won’t hold a charge for as long if you continue abusing your battery with bad charging habits.

A great solution to this issue is getting a wireless charger for your phone. A good rule of thumb is to use the 20-80 charging cycle for your iPhone or Android device.

Closing Apps in App Switcher

You should also avoid closing apps in the app switcher if you want to keep your phone in good shape. Yes, running a bunch of apps in the background will take down your battery life, but so will closing them only to open them up again in a few minutes.

Your phone will have to pull up the app again which takes an additional toll on the battery life and battery performance. If your app isn’t working in the right way then don’t close it through the app switcher.

Dirty Charging Port

Dirty charging ports happen as a result of the dirt and lint that you’ll find in your pocket or your purse. These things get clogged in the charging port and make it impossible for a connection to happen between the charging cord and phone.

Unclean charging ports will cause your phone to charge slower, and if the problem gets bad enough then your phone will not charge at all. Even using your smartphone with a case like the S22 Ultra case you could have issues keeping dirt and lint out.

The best approach is to check and clean your charging port on a consistent basis to ensure that it is spotless. You’ll have a much easier time keeping your phone in great condition and getting a lot of use out of it. Using a toothpick is an effective way of getting any debris out of your charging port.

Failure to Restart Your Phone

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re restarting your phone on a consistent basis. Restarting your phone allows it to fix or patch things that are going wrong with your phone’s operation. The recommended schedule for restarting your phone is one time every week.

You’ll clear open apps that you’re using on your smartphone by restarting it periodically. This will fix any memory leak issues that your phone is experiencing. Doing this also resolves issues that your phone and apps are encountering that cost you valuable battery life.

Ignoring Software Updates

Software updates are annoying, especially when you’re someone that needs their phone and you’re always on the go. Still, your software updates are important because they bolster the security of your phone and help it operate in a smoother fashion.

It is a horrible idea for the health of your phone for you to ignore notifications about the need for software updates on your phone. Find time to update your phone and keep it running at the levels that you expect.

Your iPhone might seem impregnable but it doesn’t take much for malicious software and viruses to make their presence known. Take the extra time to download updates and protect your phone as well as your personal information.

Not Backing Up Data

You never know when your phone might stop working or break. Odds are that you have important and meaningful conversations and photographs on your mobile phone. If you fail to back up your data and your phone breaks then you will lose all of that data.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways and options for backing up your phone’s data. If you have an iPhone then you can even set up automatic backups so that you don’t have to remember to do it on your own.

A good rule of thumb is to backup your data and your phone one time each month. If you want even better protection then you should look to back up your phone once every day.

Keeping Unused Apps

Unused apps take up a hefty amount of space on your phone’s memory and could result in worse phone performance. You should look to get rid of these apps since you don’t use them and aren’t likely to use them again any time soon.

If you have an iPhone then you can make this change in the blink of an eye by going to the App Store. You can find all unused apps on your phone and get rid of them to clear up space.

Avoid These Costly Smartphone Mistakes Today

Using a smartphone has changed the way that humans go about their day and live their lives. Still, as great as the best smartphone might be, there are smartphone mistakes that you should aim to avoid. Make sure that you update your phone and that you back up your data in case your phone breaks.

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