How To Attract More Customers To Your Business: A Three-Step Process

How To Attract More Customers To Your Business: A Three-Step Process

Without customers there are no sales and without sales …. Exactly: there is no business. This is vital because it allows your business to spin.

One of the biggest challenges for any independent professional or entrepreneur is to capture the attention of potential clients. But what most of the time happens is that the focus is only on the sale when in reality, attracting customers is such an important and fundamental activity, as the sales process will be later.

Attracting clients is not an easy task, but it can be systematized in such a way that you achieve a constant flow of potential clients evaluating your services (and you, of course) constantly and regularly. Now, this requires several promotional and marketing actions, but it is also essential to have a well-stabilized series of steps in your business.

Without these steps, any promotional and advertising action that you launch will not achieve the results you expect and will not meet the objective of generating a constant arrival of potential clients eager to know more about you and your services.

Three Steps To Attract More Customers To Your Business

Step #1 – Talk To Your Market About What They Need. Identify, Communicate, And Position Yourself

If you have read my other articles, you surely know that I repeat this as a mantra for your business: you need an ideal client and you need a specialization in the market. Your customer must identify with you and your business. Their objectives and their needs must have a correlation with what you solve or what you dedicate yourself to. Especially in the first phase of your business (the first 3 or 4 years) your focus has to be to position yourself as an expert, as a “solver” of a certain type of problem in a certain market.

Once you have identified your differentiation and position in the market, you must begin to communicate it. Communicating means making known and deepening. The vehicles you use are not as important as what you have to say. Correct communication will help you position yourself as an expert and as such, people will seek to follow you because what you have to say is what interests them for their own personal growth, their business, etc.

Think of one of the people you follow, that you have as a model and that you seek to be like.

Ask yourself:

.What do you do?

.What is your specialty?

.How is it different from other competitors that do something similar?

.Why have I decided to follow this person and not his competition?

.When I read your articles and publications, what does this represent for me? You have to achieve the same thing so that your potential clients feel attracted to you.

Step #2 – Don’t Think In The Short Term. Build A Long-Term Relationship With Your Potential Customers

People love to buy, we don’t like to be sold. This is essential, remembering that the purchase decision is always on the customer’s side, leaves power in the right place, and takes terrible pressure off the seller, in this case, on yourself. But what you can do is prepare the conditions for that client to make his decision and lean toward you.

But, what are the keys that will help you in this process?

3 Keys To Generating A Long-Term Relationship With Customers

#1 – Let Them Get To Know You

It’s impossible to ask a client to buy your professional products and services if they don’t know who you are and why your services can help them.

This is basic and that is why I always motivate my clients who sell their professional services to have a page on the Internet, not with the aim of selling, but as a promotion for themselves.

To share who they are, what their story is, and what makes them ideal for letting their customers know who is behind their services and products.

Especially when what you sell has a lot to do with you, with the way you carry out your profession and how you put your talents to work, it is essential that your customers know more about you. How about an example? Take a look at the page of my personal history: Meet Gabriela.

#2 – Connect with him or her

The relationship between a client and a supplier or business partner cannot be a cold one. It is essential that there is a back-and-forth relationship. This generates greater trust, openness, and sincerity even in a business relationship.

An example of a connection with your potential customers? If you haven’t already, subscribe to my weekly newsletter, it’s an excellent example that allows me to also connect with those who are not yet my clients.

In this way, I can offer you my knowledge, my experience, and my advice through the articles I write, while you learn more about me and how I help people with similar problems.

This is a very modern medium because it allows me to use internet tools to achieve it, but it doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, the important thing is that you manage to build a relationship with your potential clients so that they feel comfortable when they are ready to buy your services. Professionals.

#3 – Help Him Understand Why He Can Trust You

Sharing real stories from other people or companies you’ve worked with will let your new and potential customers know what else is out there for them. For someone who has just met you and is considering hiring your professional services to help them achieve their goals, it is natural to doubt or wonder if, when, and how they are going to have results.

That is why it is an excellent reference to show some cases of clients with whom you have worked, who have been in the same situation, and who later got what they expected. Also, if you have a website, it can be an excellent opportunity to show some of these testimonials and success stories.

If you want an example, I invite you to visit the stories that some of my clients have shared with me: My clients say.

Step #3 – Focus On Helping Your Client Get To The Next Level

There are clients who are ready to take it to the next level and buy a professional service today. But most don’t, they aren’t. And that doesn’t mean they won’t be good customers. Many times the reason why they are not prepared is because they do not know what steps they must take to achieve their goals.

Then, your goals seem very distant and not very tangible, and they seem difficult to achieve.

The last step that will help you capture your customers and differentiate yourself in the market is to help them make that path, step by step until they know they can count on you to take that leap to the next level.

Also on other occasions, a client does not even know of the existence of a need in his life, business, or career, and what you can do to help him is to show him the possibilities of what he could achieve (or the impacts if he does not achieve it).

One of the favorite activities that I usually do in my business to fulfill this step is to encourage my potential clients to read an e-book or special report on a subject that I believe can help them clarify their current situation, discover strategies that help them take action and thus solve their problems.

This is a job that they can do on their own, and then if they wish they can work with me to put what they have learned into practice or enhance the results. But they feel much more secure because they have more information about which way to go.

Think about what kind of information you can share with your potential customers (even for free) in such a way that you can educate and train them on a day-to-day basis. Then, they will be in a better position (and certainly more motivated) to be able to access other types of services with you that are of greater transformation for them.


I hope these 3 steps have been useful to you. Remember that all the promotional and advertising activities that you do to attract customers will not work if you do not have these 3 fundamental factors well established.

Which of them has resonated with you the most? What small actions can you do this week to bring the offer of your professional services closer to a customer attraction system?


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