How to advertise your business outside

How To Advertise Your Business Outside

Advertising and marketing have become an integral part of any business. It ensures that the brand’s image appears inviting as well as increases awareness to attract brand new customers to use your services. 

For a while, advertising was all physical but in this digital age that we live in, many marketing and advertising practices appear online leaving more traditional methods untouched. It comes as no surprise that many businesses focus on places such as social media to advertise as there are 4.6 billion users worldwide. 

However, when you consider the fact that over £17 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2021 alone, it begs the question, are we leaving enough budget for outside advertisements? This article will inform you about the many great ways to advertise your business in physical spaces and why you should focus more of your budget on these areas. Read on to find out more.  


Billboards come with a variety of options. There are static billboards as well as digital ones. In modern cities, digital billboards can be found all over and they can tell your entire brand’s story without being up in the faces of the audience. 

This more subtle way of advertising outdoors can make a great impression whilst being able to be seen by thousands of people who walk the streets every day. 


Another excellent option for outdoor advertising, banners can easily catch the eye of anyone who is walking by – especially with a bold design. 

Banners can complement other outdoor advertising methods too and maybe just the thing to draw customers into your brand. Place them outside busy places or if you have a physical shop, put them by the entrance to divert people’s eyes to your store. It will seem more welcoming which will begin a positive relationship with your new customer. 

Event marketing 

Companies host big corporate events all the time and they are a great way to attract attention from very important people as well as future customers. To launch a successful one, ensure your outdoor event is in a popular location that is easy to reach. 

From here, plan your event to display your brand all over; this could be done using the aforementioned banners. Once your event is planned, you’ll need to send out a guest list. Your guests will then promote your brand when they tell people how incredible the event was and with the event taking place outside, you may attract local press too. 

As you can see, there are quite a few examples of straightforward practices that should be incorporated into your marketing budget. Don’t restrict your reach by focusing online but instead build a real-world connection with your customers.

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