How Much Does It Normally Cost To Build A Website?

How Much Does It Normally Cost To Build A Website?

Are you looking to build an official website for your business?

Nearly half of small businesses in the United States have no website. Interestingly, one of the reasons for not having a website is the cost. The worst part is most business owners assume it is too expensive.

How much does it cost to build a website from scratch? Our guide can dispel your misconceptions. Read on for a breakdown of the cost of building a website:

The Cost To Build A Website

How much will it cost to build a website from the ground up? It depends on your chosen method. You have three options: WordPress, a website builder, or a professional web development company.

With WordPress, the average website cost is anywhere between $11 and $50 a month. Technically, WordPress is a free, open-source platform for building websites for businesses. What you need to pay for are the themes, plugins, and hosting.

Are you serious about expanding your reach and increasing your bottom line? Spending on these elements is crucial.

Meanwhile, a website builder is the cheaper alternative. After all, it lets you create content for free. You will likely shell out an average of $6 a month to keep your site running.

If you lack time to build your website, hiring a professional website developer or agency is your best option. Expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $200 per hour, depending on the complexity of your site.

Some web designers charge upfront fees and determine the final cost as you discuss your desired website features. The good thing about hiring a professional is you have many options. If you have a small budget, find a competent freelance web developer instead of an agency.

Essentials In Building Websites For Businesses

Building a small business website needs a mix of vital elements. Pay attention to your web design and layout. Your site must have an appealing design to capture user attention.

A good layout keeps visitors from becoming confused. It lets them focus on your web page content, like your products and services. Learn more on web design here.

Your website typography also matters a lot. If your texts are too big or too small, they may turn off your visitors. Pick the right fonts and styles to make your brand more attractive.

Never neglect your site’s security since hackers can compromise your customer browsing experience. Update your website regularly with the latest antivirus software.

Lastly, boost your site speed and performance. Website speed can make or break your business. Consumers expect web pages to load within two seconds.

If it goes beyond that, users may leave your site and go to your competitors.

Increase Your Digital Marketing Knowledge Now

Knowing the associated cost to build a website allows you to prepare for the expenses. It also enables you to discover and choose the most appropriate method.

However, having an appealing website is only one of the keys to growing your business. Boost your digital marketing knowledge and learn about the latest trends. 

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How Much Does A Website Cost in 2021?
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