How Do Functional Tactics Compare To Business Strategies?

How Do Functional Tactics Compare To Business Strategies?

In this article, We will try to explain, How do functional tactics compare to business strategies? Let’s discuss this in the article.

The term business strategy is used in business, but tactics are rarely used. Strategy and tactics are not synonyms and there are obvious differences.

Difference between strategy and tactical language

Strategy is a word that means a policy or general rule for planning and executing organizational actions from a broad perspective to achieve a specific purpose.

On the other hand, tactics mean concrete strategies and concrete methods for accomplishing missions. Strategy is a superordinate concept of tactics, and there are differences in their scale and perspective.

If it is a strategy, we will prepare, plan and operate from a macro perspective, but if it is a tactic, we will plan and operate a concrete method from a micro perspective.

Meaning Of Tactics

Tactics refer to means and operations. In other words, Tactics are the means and operations for realizing a strategy and are more specific methods for achieving results.

Tactics are a mode of action on the battlefield and can be said to be short-term, concrete strategies that consider how to move goods and supplies on the battlefield.

Meaning of strategy

A strategy is a direction or scenario to go. It means formulating preparations, plans, and operations from a comprehensive perspective, such as what to do to produce results and what can be cut off to improve efficiency.

Strategy can be said to be the creation of a scenario to achieve the purpose. In other words, the strategy is devised in a place away from the battlefield, and it is formulated from a medium- to long-term perspective while considering the whole picture.

Key points when developing strategies and tactics in marketing

I will explain the points of strategy and tactics from the following perspectives.

  1. Purpose
  2. order
  3. Action for purpose

Understand the purpose

Strategies in the business and marketing fields require an understanding of organizational goals and policies.

In the movie business, if the scenario is incomplete, neither the performers nor the shooting content will be decided. Of course, no investor will appear to invest money.

Even if you plan to make a novelized book into a book, it is impossible to make it into a book without a scenario, and this business will fail.

In the business scene, achieving management goals is a corporate proposition. The strategy is to think about how to utilize resources such as funds, personnel, and corporate strengths to achieve the goal.

Tactics, on the other hand, means grasping goals and devising concrete means and practical plans. The tactic is to formulate specific processes and procedures to achieve the goal and to devise through trial and error.

What is necessary for both of these two is to understand the current situation. When formulating a strategy for achieving a goal, it is not possible to derive the best “solution” without understanding the current situation.

Know the importance of order

In the field of business marketing, the order is important for achieving goals. In the process of achieving the final goal (achievement of goal), misordering results in extra cost and burden.

In strategy and tactics, the process of “creating a scenario for achieving the goal (strategy)” and “developing more concrete means and practical plans (tactic)” is necessary. In other words, it is a tactic to devise after making a strategy. By thinking in order, you can derive the best and best way to achieve your goals.

Always keep in mind the purpose

When planning a strategy/tactic, it is important to “establish a goal (= achievement of purpose)”. Always keep in mind what is the best way to reach that goal and build your tactics.

Specific examples of marketing strategies and tactics

How Do Functional Tactics Compare To Business Strategies?
How Do Functional Tactics Compare To Business Strategies?

The term strategy used in the field of business marketing also includes the meaning of tactics in a broad sense.

For efficient and effective marketing, it is important to understand the difference between strategy and tactics and formulate a plan.

A specific example of the strategy

A strategy for a company is what you can do to move your organization forward. In other words, strategies can be set up for important issues and problems, and research and analysis are indispensable for formulating them.

Based on this point, I will introduce a concrete example of the strategy.

Increase prospects

The following approaches can be used to achieve the goal of “increasing prospects.

  • Structural optimization of web media
  • Enrichment of content
  • SEO measures such as smartphone measures

Operational advertising such as listing ads, retargeting ads, and SNS ads

Even users who are not willing to buy at the moment can use the above approach to stimulate their needs. This allows you to increase your prospects.

Through the content, users become aware of the existence of useful products and services and purchase them.

Users who have not been aware of products and services until they can also be imported to customers.

Connect prospects to sales performance

To “connect prospects to sales performance,” it is said that it is necessary to have a repetitive and continuous approach and continuous communication in the right place.

The advantage of using web media as a tactic is that you can take a continuous approach through email delivery and so on.

Even if it does not lead to purchase at the time of receiving the approach, getting the product recognized will lead to future actions.

Specific examples of tactics

Tactics are a concrete means of achieving a strategy. The flow is to outline the direction and actions to realize by strategy and to embody it practically and practically by tactics. Below are some specific examples of strategies.

Structural optimization of web media

Optimizing the web media structure means “creating a website that is easy for anyone to understand, easy to read, and interesting.

” It is important to have “easy access to the information that users are looking for”, “a sense of security that allows you to know where you are on the site”, and “no stress when moving inside and outside the site”.

Enrichment of content

With the development of the Internet, relationships, and SNS, various information can be readily obtained.

Therefore, information on products and services can be easily searched, and prices and functions can be easily examined.

In addition, it is possible to “increase the number of potential customers” (= increase the number of users), which is the original purpose, by analyzing the user’s search keywords from multiple angles and various angles and enriching the content.

SEO measures

A series of measures taken to raise the search ranking by a search engine is called SEO. There are a lot of detailed ways to create SEO measures, but by selecting and working on the one that suits the current situation, the page evaluation of the entire site will increase and it will be easier to display it at the top of the search.

Increasing the search ranking will increase the number of visits to the site. If your site is ranked high in the search, more users will browse it, which is expected to increase branding and awareness.

English expressions of strategy and tactics

Strategy is expressed in English as “strategy” and tactics as “tactics”. I will explain with example sentences.


Strategy means strategy (to achieve the purpose), strategy, plan, strategy, method. It is used as a noun (countable noun / uncountable noun).

  • A enterprise strategy
  • A marketing strategy


The main meanings of tactics include strategy, tactics, tactics, tactics, strategies, tactics, and bargaining. This is also employed as a noun.

  • Delaying tactics
  • Tactics bear fruit
  • A book about military tactics

Understand the difference between the meanings of strategy and tactics and how to use them

The relationship between strategy and tactics has a structure of “making a detailed plan (tactic) based on a long-term route (strategy)”. Sometimes tactics are part of the strategy.

Make sure you understand the two elements of strategy and tactics to develop a medium- to long-term plan in the field of business.

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