How A CRM System Helps To Win More Clients

How A CRM System Helps To Win More Clients

How to win new customers? is perhaps the most recurring question among entrepreneurs. Increasing the customer database is undoubtedly a challenge for any company, but above all, for companies that are just becoming known in the market.

When implementing strategies to get new customers, it is important to have a lot of patience and a good CRM system that allows you to work effectively when managing customer relationships.

Those who have read about the CRM system know that it is a technological tool that allows a global vision of the data and all the basic activities for customer relationship management (CRM).

To better understand all this CRM stuff, it is best to clarify it with a practical example that explains how a CRM system can help in the acquisition of new customers and how SMEs and entrepreneurs can get the most out of this CRM tool.

One of the strategies most implemented by companies to obtain new customers is cold calling, which involves addressing a totally unknown public to convince them to purchase the services and products offered by the company. Something that is not easy to do, and also, if the appropriate measures are not taken, it will only be a waste of time and money.

The questions that are heard the most in this regard, even from expert salespeople are: How should I start the conversation? Should I ask him about his business or speak directly to him about my proposal? How can I persuade him to buy my service? And will it bother the client if I call him?

Cold customer acquisition is a science unto itself. In addition to solving these questions, it is necessary to have prior knowledge of the person we are calling, to know how to persuade and negotiate.

The success of cold calls will depend on the prior study of the public that you decide to call by phone, since calling a simple list of contacts is not a good idea. It is much more practical to check before the call if we see a potential client within this list and the relevance of each of the contacts for our company.

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Perhaps this makes the process of acquiring new customers a little longer and requires a lot of time in this first step. However, if we want to be successful when it comes to selling, it is necessary to be patient. Thus, when speaking with the client, we will be able to address ourselves in a much more personalized way. So we must have a CRM system at hand that allows us to store contact information and identify the correct approach to address each of the clients.

Application Examples Of A CRM System

Example 1

Cecilia is an entrepreneur who worked as a freelancer for many years, during which time she received calls from companies that wanted to convince her to purchase a service or product. Among those calls, she received one from her in which she was offered uniforms for her employees. And although with the naked eye on the website you could see that she was an autonomous woman, when she answered that she was not interested, those who called her asked her if they could communicate with the general director.

In this case, Cecilia decided to end the call, because she felt that the person had no idea who she was talking to and was only interested in selling a product, which she clearly did not need.

If companies don’t want to ruin a potential sale within the first minute of the call, it’s important that they know who the person on the other end of the line is from the start. Therefore, it is essential, in this case, to have a CRM system that allows us to collect the necessary data to better reach the customer. If the caller in the above case had used CRM software, they probably wouldn’t even bother calling and wasting time.

Why would Cecilia need employee uniforms? This offer would work well with a traditional company with 50 or more employees. When you start a business, you normally invest in things that you really need for the growth of the company.

Another of the advantages of the CRM system in the acquisition of new clients is being able to view the contacts that meet certain criteria in a matter of seconds, for example, in this case, the company called Cecilia was able to see their contacts classified by the size of the company (small, medium and large), in order to identify in advance which are potential customers and which are not, saving time on unnecessary calls that will only waste your time and that of others.

In addition to knowing who we are addressing, it is important to know how we should address potential customers. Depending on the contact person, we will have to sell the same product, but in different ways.

Example 2

Let’s imagine that we have a corporate events company and we want to offer our services to large companies. If our contact person is an employee of the personnel department, he will be able to understand the importance of the company’s recreational offer for the employees, as this will influence the attitude and good performance of the employees.

In his role of doing his job well, the human resources director is aware that a recreational event will improve integration and the work environment within the company. However, since it is not the HR manager who makes the final decision, but the finance manager, then we will have to change the way we sell the product to her.

Our strategy here will be to provide the necessary data to show how the company benefits financially if it offers a recreational event to its employees. We can also add extra information from studies that show how employee performance improves when there is a better work environment and integration activities.

Likewise, if we go to the commercial manager, the best thing here will be to persuade her why she should choose our company over the others. Here, for example, we can provide you with information about our experience, the quality of our service, and the rating of our customers.

This example clearly shows how important it is to target the right people in the right way if we want to be successful in acquiring new customers.

The CRM solution is designed to manage contacts and help you identify the right contacts for cold calling. since it allows us to define the criteria according to which we want to categorize our contacts. Depending on the product we offer and the industry in which we work, the criteria may vary.

The key to success is to have a quality client manager for the administration of our client’s data. In addition, a good CRM system focuses on the client and on collaborative work. This means that all information, including files, appointments, notes, projects, emails, and negotiations, are stored in the corresponding person’s file.

Allowing a global vision of all the activities related to a certain client. In addition, we may share the information with other colleagues for more effective and transparent communication.

What benefits does implementing a CRM system bring to my company?

A CRM solution must be a practical and easy-to-use system, which is of quality and with free help support. Today SMEs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs have specialized technology for small and individual companies that know the importance of directing all their strategies in customer relationship management (CRM).

How A CRM System Helps To Win Customers

1. Improves Collaborative Work And Allows Teleworking (Home Office)

It doesn’t matter where in the world our partner is or if we are working from home. Cloud-based systems allow access to data and activities from any device with internet access. We will always have access to the information and share it in real-time with other co-workers.

Are you one of those who creates Excel databases to save customer data? Do you load an agenda in your wallet to take note of what the customer wants? and then you write an E-mail to your colleagues about the tasks, appointments, and pending activities. This is not only ineffective but also a complete waste of time and time is money.

The idea of ​​acquiring a CRM system is that we find all the data and the main activities related to the client in one place, without having to look for the client’s phone number among the hundreds of cells in Excel, and then look for the date of the next appointment within an agenda, which perhaps has not been updated for a long time.

3. Audience Classification

CRM software allows you to create labels to classify and group contact persons and companies as best suit our needs, either by sector, area or by city. The segmentation of the target audience is vital to successfully implementing all the specific marketing and sales strategies that will allow us to retain customers and increase sales.

4. Data Protection

Previously, CRM software could only be installed within a company, requiring personnel with IT knowledge. Today, thanks to technological advances, we can access a CRM system as if we were entering Netflix platforms.

So it will no longer matter if the computer has broken down or if the Excel base was deleted when formatting the equipment, a CRM system will keep all our information with a double copy and protected against fire, water, and theft on high-quality servers located at countries that are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation established by the European Union.

5. Improvement In The Sales Process

Let’s look at it this way: By getting to know our customers better, by working better as a team, and by being more effective in daily activities, there will be no stopping us from making a successful sale.

A CRM system will offer us an overview of our real situation and allows us to better implement loyalty strategies and reduce sales times for greater effectiveness when contacting customers.


Implementing a CRM system in our business will allow us to have an increased knowledge of our clients to improve their loyalty and therefore obtain more benefits with less effort.

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