Here are some tips

Here are some tips for not leaving anyone out of your Baby Shower guest list

Here are some tips The guest list is essential for your baby shower to happen the way you imagine it. It is important that all the people with whom you want to celebrate your baby’s arrival are present.

Only women or men too?

Traditionally, a baby shower is a women’s party, and most prefer to keep it that way. However, it is more and more frequent that some meetings are mixed. Feel free to suggest your preference.

To make your decision, consider whether you currently date more couples: if so, it will be natural to invite everyone, otherwise men will probably feel uncomfortable.

Making the list

As far as guests are concerned, the people who will organize their baby shower will need your cooperation. We suggest that you build a list with all the guests, detailing addresses, emails, and phone numbers. It can also be very useful to point out people who know each other and those people or couples who don’t know anyone in the group.

This detail can help the organizer when creating games or thinking about surprises. If the group already knows each other, it will be much easier to break the ice and people will be less ashamed when participating in activities.

Once you have the guest list, you may want to review it more than once so as not to forget anyone. This will allow the organizer to easily contact them and think about the space they will need and the most appropriate meeting style for the group.

Baby shower

Baby showerAs the baby’s birth approaches, you think more and more about getting everything ready to receive it. It is at this time that the baby shower is organized.

The baby shower is a meeting to honor the future mom and to share with friends and family the last preparations to welcome the new member of the family. This event is usually organized by a friend or co-worker of the future mom, also the sister of the future grandma.

A baby shower is a big event with lots of details to be organized. The good thing is that usually, someone else takes care of it, always consulting you about your preferences.

To give you an idea, we offer below help with the necessary preparations:

  • Guestlist
  • Invitation Cards
  • The place
  • Thematic
  • The decoration
  • The souvenirs
  • Gift list ideas and recommendations
  • The food
  • The games

Advantages and disadvantages of a ballroom

If your friends are organizing your baby shower and you don’t have time to participate in everything, it may be a good idea to save money among them and rent a place that even offers the decoration and the buffet. Meeting in a ballroom will eliminate the need to organize everything for the party and clean up afterward.

You will be at ease, as there will be a team watching the guests, either serving or indicating where the bathroom is. Details that seem small, however, if you are in charge of making them, you will not fully enjoy the party.

As a disadvantage, we have to consider the cost and perhaps also the feeling of greater formality that a party in a salon implies.

Advantages and disadvantages of the house

The main advantage of having the meeting at home is the low cost and the more “personal” feeling of the celebration. In your home, you will have your things, your personal photos, and your guests will be able to see how you are preparing the baby’s room.

The downside is that you will have to take care of preparing the house for the party, which usually takes a lot of work. And after the party, someone will have to clean and organize everything!

The place for baby shower

To make your decision, you may want to consider the number of guests. If there are not many, and you still have the help of other organizers, the house may be the right option. If not, the salon may be necessary.

Beware of rain

It is important to plan the day and time of the event. If it is in the summer and more at night, you can choose an outdoor place like a place or a house with a garden: your guests will enjoy the green and the freedom of being in a more open place.

So that mosquitoes don’t spoil the afternoon, they can put repellent candles, which in addition to scaring away the insects, also make the decoration more beautiful.

You also have to consider the possibility of rain so that it does not disturb the party. You can look for a covered and comfortable space option for all guests.

The place of the meeting is very important, as it is the context in which it will take place. Let it be comfortable, warm, and spacious so that guests feel at home!

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