Grow Eyelashes With Natural Products

How to Grow Eyelashes With Natural Products

Do you want to have a super-defined look with long and strong lashes? We show you 5 products to grow eyelashes naturally and some tips to take care of them.

Over time, eyelashes have become very important in the world of beauty. Its magnetism, shape, its curvature provide us with a unique naturalness.

Are you looking to show off a more expressive, more marked, and stronger look than ever? We provide you with the most effective home remedies to grow eyelashes naturally.

Grow Eyelashes With Natural Products
Grow Eyelashes With Natural Products

Tips For Growing Eyelashes

First of all, lashes do not grow by magic. Much of its growth depends a lot on the lifestyle you lead. Because even to show off strong and long eyelashes it is very important to take care of them, hydrate them and eat a healthy diet. Therefore, we provide you with 3 essential tips to have healthy and strong eyelashes.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is reflected in every pore of your body. So if you are looking to grow your eyelashes naturally, the first is to have a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and proteins. The vitamins and minerals that these foods provide will regulate your metabolism and enhance the growth of your eyelashes.

Remove Make-Up And Clean Your Eyelashes

Washing your face before going to bed and when waking up is essential to have smooth, hydrated, and cared for skin. Do the same with the eyelashes! To avoid breakage and fall, you should always remove the remains of makeup before going to sleep, otherwise, they will harden. In addition, daily brushing will give them an even healthier appearance.

The reels or mascaras usually contain chemicals that enhance your look but also reduce the natural growth of your eyelashes. Therefore, avoid its continued use.

To remove make-up and clean your eyelashes, use make-up removal products, better if they are of natural origin. An ideal beauty tip to remove the most difficult remains of mascara is to use a mixture of a teaspoon of micellar water and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Remove make-up and clean your eyelashes
Remove make-up and clean your eyelashes

Do Not Abuse The Eyelash Curler

“Everything in excess is bad”. If you use a common curling iron every day what you are doing is applying force and tension to curl. This action, over time, can break your lashes. So be very careful! We also recommend that you do not abuse waterproof mascara.

Remedies To Grow Eyelashes

Now that you know how to take care of your eyelashes, nourish them with natural products. For long, strong, and healthy eyelashes, you can use natural products such as petroleum jelly, almond oil, jojoba oil, or castor oil. These products and others will make your lashes grow, gain thickness, strength, and shine. Let’s keep going!

1. Vaseline

Vaseline is a perfect product to hydrate and nourish your lashes. Its high content of vitamin E will give them volume and thickness. Its operation on your eyelashes will be similar to a conditioner. We recommend opting for a 100% pure and natural Vaseline. To use it, you just have to heat a little petroleum jelly with your fingers and apply it to the entire base of your eyelashes.

2. Almond oil

Get a 100% almond oil of natural origin, apply a few drops on a cotton pad, apply it with gentle taps from the birth of the eyelashes to the tip. Apply this trick at night and with clean lashes. If you add it to your cleaning routine, much better. Almond oil contains fatty acids that are perfect for hydrating and promoting the growth of your eyelashes.

3. Castor oil

It is one of the most popular remedies! Castor oil lengthens your lashes and promotes their growth. Also the one with the eyebrows! If you opt for this natural remedy, apply three drops of castor oil to a cotton pad or ball and apply it on the eyelashes and eyebrows. You can also use a cotton swab and impregnate the oil on the base of the eyelashes.

4. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is one of our top natural products to grow eyelashes. This oil is one of the best to promote their growth and to keep them hydrated naturally. This is stated by the Daegu University of Korea. As in the previous cases, pour a few drops on a disk or cotton swab and apply it on the base of your eyelashes. Apart from promoting the growth of your eyelashes, it will stimulate circulation and improve their hardness, as it will strengthen them.

5. Aloe vera

The aloe leaf continues to surprise for its thousand and one uses. Mix a teaspoon of pure aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of castor oil and apply this mixture with a clean mascara wand from the base of your lashes to the end, as if you were applying mascara. Do it every night for a couple of months. Of course, do a skin test first to rule out possible allergies.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

Other Products

Coconut oil, green tea, olive oil, or chamomile flowers are also products that you can use to promote eyelash growth.

For example, green tea, with its antioxidant properties, will stimulate your growth. To do this, boil some green tea leaves with a cup of water. Let the mixture rest for about 5 minutes. 

After this time, moisten a cotton pad in the tea and apply it on the base of your eyelashes every night. If you opt for chamomile flowers, the process of preparation and application is the same as that of green tea. Although, the best known is coconut oil for its thousand and one properties. You just have to apply coconut oil to the lash line every day and that’s it.

These are the most infallible remedies to grow eyelashes. But, remember that daily care (removing eyelash makeup, good nutrition, not overusing curlers) are key aspects for the remedies to work and to show off long healthy, and strong eyelashes. For a look of 10!

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