LEAD GENERATIONIT companies constantly suffer from something called COMPLEX SALES. A process that can often take MONTHS, or even years, to take the lead from the initial stage to the actual sale.

The best way to deal with this is to invest to have a pipeline of opportunities that is always full. And to generate more leads, the ad via Google AdWords can be the most interesting way.

What is Google AdWords?

Adwords is a digital media format that you pay exclusively per click (or visitor) to your website. AdWords allows you to bid on certain keywords or place ads on specific sites based on your business goals.

If you want to increase your infrastructure services, you can have a campaign with keywords like “IT infrastructure”, “IT infrastructure company in Porto Alegre” and so on. Exactly, you can define the exact area in which your ad will appear (only certain cities, for example) and even how much you want to invest monthly.

With an adequate structure, it becomes extremely easy to measure the ROI of your digital marketing investments.


Search and Display Network campaigns for IT companies

Search Network

Search network ads appear on the Google results page when people search using terms that are present in their campaign structure. For example, a search campaign would allow your ad to appear to potential customers when they search for “IT infrastructure in Porto Alegre”.

Display Campaign

In the case of display campaigns, your ads will appear in graphic formats (banners) or text on websites or apps that are related to your IT business (and that are part of the Google network). There are several ways to define where the ads will appear, for example: by the topic, audience, demographic profile, and keywords.

The benefits of using Google AdWords for IT companies

Get your business found

No matter what your company’s current goal is: increasing lead volume, increasing sales, or attracting new talent, Google AdWords is the fastest way to enhance these actions.

Connect with customers via the web

You can reach potential customers on relevant sites in different locations, and be present whenever they search for your services on the largest search engine in the world. With great control over behavior, keywords, placement, and budget, you define exactly where and when you will engage with your potential customers.

Measurable data, with a focus on Return on Investment (ROI)

Google Adwords provides quality data to accurately measure the ROI of strategies. From the volume of leads generated, conversion rate, CPA (cost per acquisition), all segmented by keyword, region, date, and more. It is complete control with accurate data.

Reach the right people at the right time

With AdWords search campaigns, IT companies can simplify lead generation, appearing exactly when the potential customer is looking for the services offered. A benefit for both involved🙂

Local, national, or even international ads

Unlike SEO, AdWords allows you to control exactly when and WHERE your ad will appear. Depending on your company’s objectives (if it outsources, for example), you can reach a global market or just a small city!

Flexible budgeting and complete cost control

With AdWords you set your budget and costs depend solely on what you want to achieve with your campaigns. As you will know exactly what you are paying for, it becomes much easier to increase your budget according to your return on investment.

Whether your company is looking to scale cloud services nationwide or sell hardware and infrastructure to a local market, the marketing strategy using Google AdWords can go a long way toward achieving your goals with budget control and highly measurable indicators.

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