5 tips to get the most out of Google Ads calling ads

5 tips to get the most out of Google Ads calling ads

Google Ads is an incredible platform ad, and serves to show your campaigns to relevant members of your audience. Usually, the goal is to make the user click on your website and, within it, perform an action, such as filling out a contact form or finalizing a purchase.

However, our campaign goal will not always be to generate clicks. We have, for example, the “Call-only ad”. As its name implies, it focuses exclusively on directing calls to your company, generating direct leads. If this is a convenient way of contacting you, consider using them.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some effective tips for improving the performance of these ads.

5 tips to get the most out of Google Ads calling ads
5 tips to get the most out of Google Ads calling ads
5 tips to get the most out of Google Ads calling ads

But after all, what are call-only ads?

Google’s call-only ads are a great option when calls are the most effective way to generate results. This is the case for companies with services that need more direct contact, or with more detailed information. For example, a 24-hour towing service, an industrial cleaning company, or a doctor’s office.

If this seems appropriate for your company and your advertising campaigns, consider testing them and seeing how they work for your company. And, if you do this test, remember these 5 tips:

1 Explain why people should call

Your ad headline will be your company’s phone number, in large, striking numbers. That’s nice. It will attract attention, users on the cell phone will be able to ring and call, and computer users can see and call.

However, it is not just seeing a phone number that will get your audience in touch. You need to “explain” to your audience why they should call your company, not the competition.

Many of your competitors should use text ads with call extensions, giving them more space to present the brand. You will have more limited space, so you need to use it precisely.

This ad has only one phone and the company name repeated several times. It is not an ad that would attract attention and make you call.

Now, let’s compare it to this ad:

Here we have the explanation of the service, information that demonstrates the quality of the company, and relevant calls to action. There is a much greater chance that the user will call this ad.

2 Explain what your service is

Let’s imagine a situation: you have a dog, and he starts to vomit something very similar to your favorite pair of flip-flops at 2 am. If you search for “veterinarian 24h” on Google and receive an ad with a phone, you will probably imagine being a direct line to a professional who can answer your question quickly and suggest an action.

However, you call the phone and discover that it is a number for a central service, a mediator who directs you to available veterinarians in your area. You will probably hang up and try again. They spent on your call, and you left unsatisfied. This situation would be easily resolved if the exchange had more information in its advertisement, talking more about the service.

3 Use common keywords

If you are doing call-only ads, you are not looking for people who are doing multiple searches and visiting multiple sites in search of more information. You are looking for the audience that wants to call you right now. For example, a 24-hour tow or plumber service. So, you need to appear for more “accurate” searches, with a greater chance of a conversion.

These keywords are sure to be more expensive, but they will be the clearest way for you to get conversions with call ads. Think about this: if the person is being very specific, having a not very immediate search, they probably want to open a website and read more about it. She is not looking for an instant solution.

4 List some of your services

You have extremely limited ad text space for Google’s call-only ads, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give people a preview of what to expect from you.

If you’re not using an emotional appeal, a suggestion that works is to list your main services (since you probably won’t have room for everyone).

Compared to a text ad that has a call extension, you will have less space to list your services. In fact, the correct thing is to test both formats and see which one works best for you. If you choose to use a call announcement, you need to study a lot which texts to use, listing the most popular services and which have a better chance of a conversion. 

5 Set up flight times

If you do not have a 24-hour team or an answering service at your company, you need to be sure that you will not receive calls at a time when your company is closed. Approximately 80% of your users will not leave a message, and the vast majority will not call again.

The solution to this problem is to set your ad’s delivery time, making it appear only when you are available to attend. This way, you avoid spending money at irrelevant moments, and you also avoid losing multiple customers because of an unanswered call.

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