French Interior Design Tips

French Interior Design Tips to Help Beautify Your Home

Are you planning on taking your house décor a notch higher? If so, you should consider investing in a French interior design.

French interior design gives you the chance to blend various styles to develop a sophisticated, stunning décor.

It incorporates both bold new styles and traditional designs flawlessly to create a stylish palette. Besides, little effort is required to achieve the French décor signature.

However, to make your French interior design outstanding, you must focus and do it in the right way. You have to create a space with the integration of original elegance and a splash of luxury.

Otherwise, if you get it wrong with your French interior design, you will break your décor. Not to mention the amount of effort and money that shall be wasted in the process.

So, do you know how to implement a French interior design in your home? If not, worry no more.

Here are Vaheed Taheri design tips to help beautify your home

Embrace the Imperfection

With French interior design, you have to embrace imperfections. Unlike With American designs, where perfectionism is vital, you can use pieces that aren’t pristine.

For example, if you have a stained chair or crooked hardware, you can use it as part of your décor. This way, you can create a space that feels more lively than impeccable.

With the American interior design, homogeneity is treasured. But with the French style, you can mix vintage with contemporary furniture. You can have your contemporary lighting alongside ornamented lighting.

Draw From Your Personal History

Each home has its own interesting story and specific charisma. In most cases, you must have such a story respected.

With your French décor, you can use pieces from your family’s collection as a way of drawing from your personal history.

If your family had a midcentury penchant, you could weave it according to your personal preferences to create a sense of history in your home. If you have a collection of 18th Century furniture, it can also be a good part of your décor.

Be Formal

With your French décor, you don’t have to be casual. You can go formal to make your home feel versatile. If you have multiple rooms, your design should improve their functionality and cohesion.

Your living space should offer a balance for your living space. Such balance should make hosting a family affair easy without worrying much about the stained and scratched furniture.

Adopt Contradictions

Contradiction is termed as a deep-rooted characteristic of French interior design guides. If you feel that a mix of midcentury French staples and contemporary art is the best for you, just go for it.

Don’t be afraid to pair your magenta photography with your valiant chartreuse bench. However, pair items that offer an appealing interior look when adopting contradictions for your space.

Follow Your Own Rules

If you have been following traditional design, you know they prohibit using a certain type of furniture and ornaments. For example, you cant use curtains that pool on the floor. You cannot also use benches instead of chairs.

But with French interior, you can use anything that you feel is right for your décor. Go for furniture and décor materials that match your style, rules, and trendy design.

Take Cues From Effortless French Fashion

French interior is never too perfect. In most instances, untidiness makes the style elegant.

One of the golden rules of French interior design is: do not try too hard. Thus, keep it simple, mix modern with vintage, and allow your personal style and taste to dominate your décor.

Reuse And Recycle

Most designers browse second-hand shops in search of perfect pieces. You can also do the same. You can search for old pieces that will suit your living space décor.

However, ensure the pieces are appealing and have a meaning to you.

Display Florals

To achieve that classic French look, you can display either fresh florals or a bouquet of dried flowers. Displaying flowers brings a natural feel and look to your living space.

You can have the flowers well arranged around your gilded mirror or near your nightstand. To create a balanced look for your living space, go for plants with varying heights.

Work With The Architecture

The architecture of your home is a crucial element to focus on when implementing your French interior décor. You must ensure your décor appreciates the existing details but not work against them.

If you have worn hardwood and other architectural elements, use them to inspire your living space décor.

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Opt For A Distressed Look

A shiny and brand-new look for the French interior is not what you need. Antique, distressed, and off-color themes are what you need for your French interior décor.

They make your living space appear stylish and classic. While choosing the appropriate colors for your décor, don’t be afraid to mix colors.

You can opt for a color mix that you cannot prefer on normal occasions.

Incorporate A Rug

Most French homes always have a rug for adding beauty and functionality. You can add a bright or patterned rug to your home too.

If you have white walls, you should go for the patterned rugs. This way, you will create an interesting contrast between your white walls and patterned rug.

You Now Know French Interior Design Tips To Help Beautify Your Home

Interior design helps improve the quality of life and the functionality of your living space. However, you have to go for the right interior design style to reap interior design benefits.

French interior design is one of the best décor styles to give your living space a personal touch and make it appear classic. However, you must implement the French interior design appropriately.

Follow the above French interior design tips to help beautify your home and get it right.

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