What Does Franchising Mean

Franchising For Beginners: What Does Franchising Mean?

You might have heard of the term franchising and just casually nodded your head, not knowing what it really meant. If you did, you’re not alone!

Franchising is just one of many business opportunities that exist for people to make an income and grow their net worth. Want to know what does franchising means? Then you’ve come to the right place, so keep reading for the franchising for beginners crash course.

What Does Franchising Mean?

Franchising is when a business gives a person licenced rights to open up a location with the same name and provides the tools, materials, and training to run the business for a cut of the profits.

The benefits of franchising are just having to buy the license and getting to profit off of an already established business and not having to put any money towards the costly things to run the business like marketing. You just share a percentage of the income.

These opportunities happen when there are businesses for sale that are open to franchise agreements like McDonald’s and Domino’s pizza.

How Do I Franchise?

Now that you know what does franchising mean, you may be wondering how you can franchise. Most businesses will advertise that they are open to franchising and will require an application for the area you want to open one and putting money down to purchase the rights to open a location.

Most businesses are picky about locations since they don’t have to have too many places open close together, so don’t be surprised that you might have to provide different options before being accepted.

It’s also a good idea to join groups like International Franchise Association that provide support and franchising tips for new franchise owners and even hold annual conventions to meet other franchise owners.

Who Can Franchise?

Anyone can open and run a franchise. The biggest hurdle to overcome will be having the business approve your application to franchise the business you want and paying the licensing fee to open it. Don’t be discouraged if you’re turned down the first time, just keep pursuing the opportunity you want. 

In situations where you can’t afford the license fee, you can look into loans for financing your business to get started and pay back the loan when you start making money. Sometimes franchise opportunities will give incentives to go into business with them, making it a pretty lucrative opportunity for you.

Finding the Right Business To Franchise

You won’t be stumped anymore wondering what does franchising mean, and even be armed with the knowledge of where to start looking to get your own franchise business or explore what options are out there. You’ll likely be surprised at just how many businesses are actually franchise businesses.

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