Fire Safety that doesn’t Burn through your Savings.

Fire Safety That Doesn’t Burn Through Your Savings.

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The World is said to have been revolutionized when fire was discovered some 2 million years ago. Some say that the discovery and subsequent control of fire by man was one of the first signs of intelligence in the early human species. Several religions around the world worship fire and consider it a God, and rightfully so.

One of the 5 elements in the universe, fire is considered to be the most dangerous and difficult to control. But ever since man learned to control fire, he also learned to get burnt.

In Canada alone, there are around 24,000 house fires each year. These result in an average 377 lives lost and 3048 people injured every year. Despite being preventable, 1 in 100 residential fires proves to be fatal. The most common reason for residential fires is kitchen fire as clothes or oil (including other flammable liquids) catch fire easily from the gas ignition.

If there is a smoker in the house or someone who enjoys burning candles, living room and bed rooms become the next point of origin. Even the slightest carelessness results in loss of life and property and one experiences a trauma they carry for a long period of time.

How Important is Fire Safety?

Your decision to prepare your loved ones about fire prevention and safety is a matter of life and death. One of the best places to get the best fire protection services in the British Columbia region of Canada are the Reliable Fire & Safety. Like their name suggests, you can rely on them for all your fire safety needs. They provide an array of services that will let you sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about fire emergencies.

Who is Reliable Fire & Safety Company?

Reliable Fire & Safety is the Best Fire Protection Company in the British Columbia Region. Their primary focus is on your safety before anything else. They take great pride in their work and uphold the highest standards on any project they undertake. They offer all kinds of fire safety services including installation of safety devices and inspection when requested, to keep your surroundings safe in the event of a fire. They hire only professionals who take fire safety seriously and always attempt to exceed the expectations of their clients.

The services they provide are suitable for everyone’s budget. You can expect the most affordable price range with unparalleled fire safety services from them. They do not only install safety mechanisms but also do timely maintenance as per your convenience. Their technicians are knowledgeable, who provide quality services at affordable prices. Their services won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Their friendly nature allows them to share with you free tips and advice that will help you stay safe. They have made it their mission to provide quality service and products to all their clients along with remarkable workmanship. To them it is not just about what product to use but also how to use it. Their vision is that they deliver high quality heating and related services to the people of British Columbia and they guarantee a system that allows no room for error and the customer is always protected.

How Reliable are Reliable Fire & Safety Company?

It is extremely important that you trust those who provide you safety. Reliable Fire has a dedicated team that wants to deliver only the best services for installation, inspection and maintenance or fire safety equipment. They ensure that the customers have no doubts or inhibitions in their minds. They update themselves to the latest technologies and constantly train themselves to be better. They are well equipped to handle modern as well as outdated equipment and know how to deal with them to make sure your house or building is safe from a fire hazard.

Their price range is extremely affordable and is based on the type of service you want and how much your budget allows you to spend on it. You can contact them and get a free quotation for your project. All of their technicians and other personnel are ASTT – Certified and they are compliant with all existing government regulations, NFPA and other standards that are required and follow the best practices. In short, they are licensed, bonded and insured.

What are Reliable Fire & Safety’s Top Skills and Activities?

Reliable Fire offers their services 24/7 to ensure the safety and protection of their valued customers. Their expertise lies in the installation and maintenance of Fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency lights, sprinkler systems, generators, hydrants hoses and fire suppression mechanisms. They try to surpass benchmarks set by industry standards by excelling in health and safety, they believe in sustainability and they are constantly learning and evolving. They encourage freedom and flexibility with their clients which help them foster excellent relations with them. All you have to do is provide them with your requirements and other specifications and they will get the job done without you having to bend over your back to pay for it.

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