In our time, a fur coat has lost its exclusively utilitarian meaning. Now in winter, a stylish down jacket can save you from frost. But no matter how hard the designers try, no down jacket in elegance can compete with a luxurious fashionable fur coat.

Since it is rather cold in our country most of the year, outerwear is what you and others see most often around. Of course, you can limit yourself to choosing a classic model of a mink coat, but this way it will be with you for more than one winter, it is important that it is not only of high quality and comfortable but also stylish and original …

Sustainable fashion is still in the spotlight this year. Fur is a natural material with a long tradition of craftsmanship and recyclability. Real fur is the most important “slow fashion” with zero waste. The fur world has the strictest certification.

Therefore, I believe we all have freedom of choice. If you love natural fur and are serious about choosing a new fur coat, below you will find all the fashion trends in the world of fur that will be relevant for several years to come.

Fashion trends in the world of fur coats are more concerned with new processing methods and design techniques for working with fur, and less cut and length of fur coats. 

In the winter of 2021, very short fur coats resembling jackets and long floor-length models are in fashion.

But the most popular fur coat models are of medium length. Oversized fur coats and more compact models are also in fashion, there is no shortage of even fitted models. 

The same applies to the current styles of fashionable fur coats – fur coats of different styles are in fashion, from the romantic bohemian 70s to the glamorous 2000s.

Fur coat trend – coat

In Italy, they believe that a beautiful coat should be the main thing in a woman’s wardrobe. It is not surprising that modern designers have decided to combine an elegant women’s coat and fur.

Fashionable fur coats 2021 are fur coats that repeat the cut and use the details of the classic coat. But the most recent fashion trend is the use of fur on all parts of a wool or cashmere coat.

Those. If earlier fur adorned only the collar and cuffs of a coat, in 2021 fur covers almost completely the front, sleeves, and back of fashionable fur coats and jackets. We see a striking example of this trend in the Fendi Fall / Winter 2020 2021 collection.

Trend – Fur coat-robe

This fur trend concerns not only the cut of the fur coat but also the technique of working with fur. The fashionable model of a fur coat 2020 is inspired by the effect of a soft cozy robe and therefore has a straight, loose fit on the wrap and a belt.

Also, these fashionable fur coats often have a more complex color imitating prints often used on dressing gowns. For this and to give an enveloping effect, a complex technique of transporting and combining fur of different colors is used.

Trend – Sheepskin Fur

Sheepskin fur coats in winter 2020 and 2021 break all popularity records. The mouton coat is experiencing a real stylish reincarnation this year. It seems fashion designers have been using sheepskin fur in all sorts of styles this winter.

 For the coolest looks, sheepskin fur with long and medium piles was used in looks with ethnic motives.

For a new luxurious classic, the designers used soft short-haired sheepskin (muton) in pastel and natural shades. The sportier looks of winter 2020 and 2021 were not complete without fur coats and jackets with curly sheepskin fur.

In winter 2020 or 2021, when choosing a fashionable sheepskin coat, you should not be limited only to natural shades. Sheepskin jackets and fur coats of bright colors and complex shades will not only cheer you up but will also become the main color accent of your look.

Trend – double-sided fur coat

The technique of double-sided fur processing remains the most expensive, therefore double-sided fur coats are significantly more expensive than others.

But buying such a fur coat, you actually acquire two things – a fur coat and a leather coat for our fur. And it is in such a fashionable fur coat that neither wet snow nor rain is terrible.

In more affordable models of fashionable double-sided fur coats, the inner part is made of nylon and will make friends with additional insulation.

Trend – Shaved mink

The climate is warmer and our winters are becoming less severe, so shaved mink fur coats take an increasing place among fashionable fur coats. These fur coats usually have an elegant design inspired by the classic masculine style.

The most fashionable styles of shaved mink fur coats in winter 2020 – 2021 are not limited only to the styles of classic coats, although it is in them that shaved mink reveals its potential to the maximum. This winter, they were joined by fur coats imitating a classic men’s jacket and shirt.

Trend – animal color

Animal prints are more fashionable than ever. But in fashionable fur coats in 2020, combinations of the fur of different colors and a print are again responsible for the animal color. The most fashionable colors of mink coats mimic the spotted color of cowhide, zebra, and the long-standing classic, leopard.

Trend – cross mink fur

There is nothing more attractive than the beauty of nature. For winter 2020 or 2021, many fashion designers use Black Cross mink fur to create new graphic patterns and shapes.

Fashionable cross-stitch mink fur coats with contrasting color receive an unusual design. Designers play with the direction and layout of the fur, combining different colors. The lighter color is combined with the darker, thereby creating larger patterns.

It is these mink coats that can effectively adjust the silhouette and make it visually slimmer.

Trend – Fox Fur

Short and long fur coats made of fluffy fox take us back to the fun 70s and 80s, when such fur coats were worn by Disco stars.

It is not the first winter that we see fox fur coats on a knitted basis, but fashion designers continue their experiments. Combining fox fur with textiles, light and warm models of fur coats are obtained that drape so beautifully.

Trend – Herringbone

You probably already know that no one sews fur coats from whole skins. To the extent, of imitating a solid fabric of fur, the technique of transportation is used. 

This winter, the herringbone pattern has returned to fashion, it looks especially impressive in long fur coats.

Trend – Taddy Coat

Taddy plush coats have left this year’s hot trends list, but have become more wearable and familiar.

For winter 2020 or 2021, fluffy Taddy has soothing natural shades that can be easily combined and fit into even the most conservative and classic wardrobes.

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