Eight Types of Laundry Repair Services

On average, a person spends around eight hours per month doing laundry. While there are plenty of other things most people would prefer to be doing with those hours, that’s a significant decrease than when laundry had to be done by hand! 

Washers and dryers have completely changed the way we do these household chores. They make our lives much better by doing most of the work for us but that leaves us in real trouble when something isn’t working right in our system. And that’s why laundry repair services are so crucial. 

When something is going wrong, you can call on a commercial laundry repair service to get everything back up and running! Here are the top eight laundry machine repair services you may need in the future. 

1. Restoring Power 

Obviously, your washer and dryer won’t work at all if there’s no power. They each need their own supply of electricity to turn on and run through their cycles. 

When the power goes out on your machines, there’s a long list of possible problems you could be looking at. It’s best to search “laundry repair near me” and call in the professionals to find the true culprit right away. This will save you a lot of time trying to fish for the answer. 

Likely, it will be a fuse that’s been blown but it could be an issue with the outlet or even the timer that will need to be repaired. 

2. Replacing Agitator Parts 

One of the most important elements of a washing machine is the agitator. This is the piece that moves the clothes around in the water and soap mixture that encourages the cleaning. Without agitation, clothes simply won’t come out as clean as you’d like. 

This piece is made up of a variety of parts depending on the type of machine you have. A professional laundry machine repair will be able to help make sure it’s running right by replacing any faulty pieces for you.

3. Machine Maintenance

Like any machinery or equipment, it’s important to perform regular maintenance rather than waiting for an issue to pop up. 

This type of maintenance includes running cleaning cycles and also bringing in a professional for a thorough inspection. Those professionals who know laundry equipment know where things typically go wrong and can check those areas for weakness or the beginnings of problems. 

Preventative measures like this will keep you from being left without a machine when it breaks down, it’s worth the time and investment!  

4. Level Machines 

Most washing machines shake slightly during a cycle, especially at the end when it’s spinning the excess water out of the clothes. 

But sometimes things can get off balance and the machine will vibrate constantly and even so hard that it moves out of place. This isn’t a good thing and should be addressed immediately. 

Sometimes it’s as easy as moving the clothes around so the weight is more evenly distributed. Other times the whole machine isn’t level and that’s causing the excessive vibration. A professional can make sure everything is placed properly and level to avoid further issues like this. 

5. Stop Leaks 

Water is one of the biggest threats to a home. It can cause devastating damage anywhere it’s left to its own devices and not cleaned up quickly. If you’re experiencing a leak from your washing machine, you need professional help quickly. 

Your professional repair team can also help you determine what caused the leak and ways you can avoid that in the future. This type of advice is priceless in dodging major water damage. 

6. Upgrade Heating Element

No matter how long they spin, clothes won’t get as dry as you want without the added hot air blowing on them. A dryer that has a faulty heating element is pretty much worthless. 

When your clothes are coming out of a dryer cycle still dripping wet, you’ll know it’s probably time to replace the heating element.

Luckily, this is a quick fix and won’t require you to get an entirely new machine. Your laundry dryer repair service can help you determine which piece isn’t working and get that repaired in no time. 

7. Inspect Seals 

In both the washer and the dryer, a tight seal on the door is important to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without those seals, the rest of the machine can’t function.

But they’re often not the most obvious culprit when you’re experiencing issues. They seem like such a non-essential part of the whole system, it’s easy to overlook them. A professional inspection will let you know when they are too stretched out or damaged to work properly. 

They can also change them out for you to ensure the tightest seal possible! 

8. Check for Damage 

A washer and dryer in a typical household get a lot of wear and tear from daily use. But most of it isn’t that visible to the untrained eye since it’s deep within the machinery elements. 

Those trained in laundry machine repair know what type of damage to look for that’s on the brink of causing problems. 

An inspection once a year will help keep your machines working for far longer and improve their reliability. You won’t have to worry something is going bad behind the scenes. 

Types of Laundry Repair Services 

There’s nothing better than the feeling of putting on clean clothes fresh from the wash. It makes you feel like you’re on top of your life and in control of your chores. None of that is possible without your washer and dryer to help you. 

Laundry repair services play a big role in making sure you can get everything done that you’d like to. As with any type of machinery, there is always the potential for a breakdown and it’s comforting to know that there are professionals out there who can solve the problem for you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about home improvement and how to take better care of your home, check out our other articles today! 

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