Duties Of A Quality Control Officer In A Food Industry

Duties Of A Quality Control Officer In A Food Industry

All you need to know about a highly sought-after professional in the field of corporate quality management

The management of production control and the transmission of all the information necessary to certify the soundness of the business processes that underlie the product of a company is one of the most important factors in any type of business. This is usually dealt with by a professional called a quality control officer, a key professional figure in this sense, who often carries out his work in the food sector. 

Here is who this professional is and what he does: what are his daily tasks and his salary.

What The Quality Control Officer Does: His Duties

Complete management of the product life cycle, with monitoring of its compliance with reference parameters, since it is still in the form of raw material. 

A quality control officer is a fundamental figure, to say the least in all companies that focus their business on the development and production of products consisting of goods and services.

It is a professional who has the crucial task of ensuring, through his control, that the product has a high level of quality. 

This is possible only with the continuous and constant control that all the products that in turn are used to make it, and therefore act as raw materials, are of excellent caliber, and that all the production, development, and marketing processes also conform to high standards of quality and safety.

Among the tasks that a quality control officer performs, first of all, the planning of tests on the products during the various stages of their processing, the monitoring of the processes, and, of course, the verification that the finished product reflects the quality criterion.

 In his daily activity, this worker also acts as an important link between the various company functions, not isolating himself from other departments, interfacing with different areas of production, monitoring, and marketing of the product.

A good quality employee is entrusted with some requirements consisting of soft and hard skills in different fields. A figure of this importance must possess strong knowledge in the engineering field, marked relational skills, precision, analytical skills, and problem-solving. 

Food Quality Control Officer: What He Does In His Job

The quality control department is undoubtedly the fulcrum around which various companies in the food sector rotate. This is a business sector in which a quality control officer has a prominent role, which is associated with a rather marked character of responsibility. 

This is for obvious reasons: this professional has the task of ensuring that the good produced by the company is of a very high standard.

A professional figure such as the food quality control officer constantly monitors the product: which raw materials are used to make it, how the stages of its processing are carried out, if the final result respects the quality and safety standards required by internal regulations and by specific laws, and especially if it is of high quality.

The requirements already indicated in a general manner above are accompanied by the need for knowledge and skills in the chemical and microbiological fields.

How Much Does A Quality Control Employee Earn? Average Salary

The quality control officer is, therefore, an indispensable professional for companies, especially those in the agri-food sector. Such a central figure within company processes cannot fail to receive adequate remuneration for the role he plays. 

Depending on his experience, of course: a junior worker will certainly have a lower salary than someone who has been in this position for some time and has accumulated a certain amount of knowledge and skills.

According to the information we have, a quality control employee earns on average about 31 thousand euros per year. However, as pointed out above, it is a salary that is destined to increase the experience.

Quality Control Master: The Right Training

A professional such as the quality control officer cannot ignore the attendance of a high-level training course that includes theoretical learning and the practical application of up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to best perform the tasks that arise in the course of everyday work.

To best embody this figure of pronounced relevance, excel in the job market, and operate optimally, a Master’s can certainly represent a valid option for the quality control officer who wants to constantly improve and acquire a renewed and increased occupational dependability.

In this regard, the Business School Alma Laboris thought the Masters in Integrated Quality, Safety Management Systems, Energy and Environment, whose educational program is organized by Faculty lecturers entirely composed of its sector professionals, who will give the participant all the tools you need to excel in your job as a quality control officer. There are discounts on the cost of lessons for those who opt for early registration.

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