The very thought of losing your smartphone is enough to cause panic, although there are many ways to track a cell phone. While the task of how to track a cell phone is easier today, you can also locate older phones. So do not lose hope if you are using the first generation Motorola Razr if the need arises for how to track a cell phone.

If you have a smart mobile phone, remember to first configure and enable any included mobile phone locator software that is native to your device. This will make it easier for you to track a cell phone. For example,  Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google’s Find My Device, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile are useful applications when tracking a cell phone. If you are looking for more options if you need to figure out how to track a cell phone, try the following applications.

How to track a cell phone with Prey

The Prey application serves the mission of how to track a cell phone. It is free to use for up to three devices, there are paid plans for more devices if you must know how to track a cell phone and the service can be used on all platforms for computers and mobile phones. After signing up, simply sync your devices, sit back, and relax if it’s time to track a cell phone. If your cell phone is ever lost, all you have to do is find a computer, log into your account, and get started on how to track a cell phone.

Prey runs discreetly in the background and will not track the location of your mobile phone until you tell it, so you do not have to worry about your privacy at the time of the task how to track a cell phone while the mobile phone is in your possession.

Recent updates have improved network settings, enabled  TouchID and Face ID on iOS,  and extended functionality for Chromebooks when it’s time to track a cell phone.

How to track a cell phone with Avast Antivirus

Avast is a household name for anyone interested in computer security. The Avast Antivirus application is a  complete package that offers antivirus analysis and protection, backup options, energy-saving and anti-theft options, including how to track a cell phone. You can remotely lock or wipe your smart mobile phone, listen remotely or take a “robbery” from criminals who took your phone. All this available at the time of how to track a cell phone. You can also activate stealth mode on your device so the thief doesn’t know that Avast is protecting your phone when you need to figure out how to track a cell phone.

Avast also provides SIM card change and lock notifications, with similar services for Android, Mac, and PC, as tools available for how to track a cell phone. Avast offers an all-in-one package for device protection against viruses and thieves as a premium paid service.

How to track a cell phone with Lookout

The Lookout application is useful if you need to know how to track a cell phone because it combines security, tracking, and antivirus or malware protection. The main features of this application for how to track a cell phone include:

The ability to record the last location of a phone just before the battery runs out.

The possibility of making a  copy of security of the data of contact before a remote erase.

The option to take a photo of any potential thief and email it along with the location.

The lookout provides  Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor functions to protect you against Wi-Fi attacks and to check your device to make sure the operating system is working properly, a key variable when tracking a cell phone. It’s free, but you can upgrade to  Premium for $ 30 per year for features like Safe Browsing and Breach Reports, which send you alerts if a business, service, or app you’re using reports a data breach.

This useful application if you must know how to track a cell phone offers a Premium Plus package for $ 100  per year to obtain features such as protection against identity theft and recovery of a lost wallet.

How to track a cell phone with AccuTracking

If you don’t have a smart mobile phone, you can still try the task of how to track a cell phone. In this case, we recommend using a GPS tracking service. There are a few options, but AccuTracking is a good option that works well. AccuTracking uses GPS to help you track a cell phone and works with a wide variety of feature phones. As long as your cell phone is GPS-enabled, as most modern phones are, AccuTracking should help you locate it when you focus on how to track a cell phone.

When the day comes when you can’t locate your phone, simply log into the AccuTracking web interface from any computer connected to the Internet, and as long as your phone is not dead, it will immediately show your location.

This service of how to track a cell phone has four plans that cost 13, 16, 21, and 26 dollars per month. And if you have a smartphone, you can use the iOS or Android app to track a cell phone.

How to track a cell phone after losing it

If you didn’t install a device recovery app on your mobile phone before losing it, don’t worry about how to track a cell phone. There are still some easy ways to start the task of how to track a cell phone, especially for smart cell phones. If you lost a phone that is not a smartphone, you have minimal options when it comes to how to track a cell phone.

How to track a cell phone with Find My Device

Android users can use Find My Device when tracking a cell phone. Because it is a Google service, it is linked to your Google account and you can locate any device associated with it. A good alternative if you must dedicate yourself to the task of how to track a cell phone.

There are also options to lock your device,  reset your PIN remotely and erase stored data, something very useful when tracking a cell phone.

You can even add a piece of return information or phone amount to the lock screen to increase your odds of recovering it, or ask your device to play a note if it’s nearby.

The updated versions include support for indoor use to help you find your device in airports, shopping malls, or other large buildings, difficult scenarios when tracking a cell phone.

How to track a cell phone with Find My iPhone

If you have an iPhone, yourself container do this Find My iPhone app. This feature has been a part of iOS since version 5, so there is no need to download it. It works with iCloud, so you can easily access it through a browser or other iOS device, and the location of your lost device will be displayed on a map, along with the option to show where it has been recently. You can remotely lock the phone, perform an urgency message, or erase saved data if the phone is lost forever.

How to track someone else’s cell phone with permission

While there is always the option of simply calling and asking where someone is,  there is the same possibility that the person in question will not respond or have a hard time understanding instructions. So if you can’t always communicate with the person you are trying to locate or trust, here are some options. Those with smartphones can use a variety of location-sharing apps to let you know where they are.

Facebook and Twitter have location-aware woodcutting stories, and Swarm has some rather robust location-sharing features as well. But, we have a few more picks for you to check out.

How to trace a cell phone with Google plans

If you want to control a friend or family member, it is very likely that you already have the tools to do so, because  Google Maps allows you to share your location in real-time.

Just open GoJust open Google Maps and tap on your profile photo at the top right,  choose Share location and you can choose to share your location with the people you select. You can choose to share your location for a limited period or until the feature is disabled.

Anyone you give your area with will see your picture on the map when they open Google Maps. Google is constantly adjusting and improving this service, and it has become a great resource over time.

How to track a cell phone with Find My Friends

One of my favorite apps for keeping track of people’s whereabouts is Find My Friends. It is available for iOS and Android. Although the two apps are not from the same developer (Apple makes the iOS version, which is also compatible with the Apple Watch), they offer roughly the same service. The apps allow you to track multiple people at the same time, which is useful when trying to meet with a large group.

Find My Friends also works on iPhone and Android. The app uses triangulation of the cell phone signal to find people and makes it easy to share the location. Send an invitation by text message to a user who does not use a smartphone and when they answer “yes”, your icon will appear on the map of the application.

How to track a cell phone with iMessage and Google Hangouts

If your co-workers, friends, and relatives use iPhones, they can use iMessage to share your location. The Google Hangouts app has a similar function and is available on both Android and iOS.

The app even seeks expressions like “Wherever are you?” plus when it will automatically imply providing your home. It is also a great application for chatting and making video calls.

How to track someone else’s cell phone without your permission

You should always be honest about following someone up and respect their right to privacy, and you should never modify someone else’s phone. However, if you are the owner of the phone and must track it without the cooperation of its current user, perhaps a teenager who is always in trouble, here are some tips on how to do it.

How to track the cell phone of a certain user

If one of your children or another minor is using an account connected to yours, you can use this. Just log into the Find My Device or Find My iPhone services and find your location on the map. You can also use a tracking app like Find My Friends, available from Apple,  to connect everyone in your family or friend circle.

Install it before giving it to your pre-teen or perhaps an elderly family member on your new phone, for example, and you’re good to go. If you want to check what your children see and do on their telephones without them knowing, you can hide the app widget in an undetectable folder. Of course,  you will have to do this before handing over the phone to them.

Most apps require permission to do this, but those rules generally work a little differently when it comes to your family or relative. If you’d rather be open about it than hide the app,  talk to your teen about why you installed the program and how it benefits them.

How to track a user’s cell phone when not using a smartphone

As mentioned above, non-smart mobile phones don’t offer as many options as smartphones for tracking. However, there are some resources. Your mobile phone can act as a true GPS device, allowing it to pinpoint your exact location if you misplace it.

Many phones have  GPS capabilities, allowing you to track your phone should the need arise. To enable it, simply log into the Accutracking site and follow the simple steps to set up your account.

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