A company, especially if it is a new creation – a startup -, that begins its journey through digital marketing has a great challenge ahead because it is about starting to implement many strategies of which only have the reference of how it has been done. gone to other companies; Going to market on the Internet can be intimidating.

I always invite anyone who has a new company that wants to have a presence on the Internet to ask themselves if they fear of failure is greater than the desire to adapt to succeed; Let us remember that every day the Internet becomes more important and key to the success of any business.

In general, in a good entrepreneur, the desire to adapt and succeed is greater than the fear that this new adventure may have an unfortunate end.

Of course, remember that maintaining a successful presence on the Web with your company is a long process and requires a lot of dedication.

Above all, you must remember that you are going to enter an evolutionary learning process where it is necessary that you understand the concepts, put them into practice, and adapt them as you see the results.

It is not easy, for no one it is, but it is possible, especially for those who feel passion for what they do; no business is successful if the person who runs it is not passionate about the idea that drives the business.

If you are looking for our advice on how to start your journey through digital marketing on the right foot, my commitment to you for this article is to guide you through the most used tools on the Internet by businesses and that have made their ventures a success.

Attack of the strategies

The first thing you must do for your business to start gaining a presence on the Web is to determine which strategies are available and which of them you are going to implement first.

Ideally, you should start with all of them in the beginning, but it is also true that if you are very ambitious things can get out of hand and you will not be able to dedicate the necessary dedication.

I think the most important thing of all is that you plan the strategy to create the foundations of your presence on the Internet. That is, you plan how your company is going to be displayed through its website and in other media.

Remember that it is not just about having a website, having a presence on social networks, or advertising in search engine ad systems. As I explained weeks ago, it is more about the unification of all the trends and strategies of digital marketing so that nothing is left out.

It occurs to me that we can divide the attack into three major fronts; three very important strategies, key today, that will bring you closer to the success of your company on the Internet.


Content is key in any digital marketing strategy; It is the basis of all and all subsequent marketing actions.

Remember that all the content that is generated for the marketing of your company on the Internet must have a meaning and a purpose.

You must plan the content according to the medium where it will be shown; The content you create as a value proposition for your company’s website is not the same as the content you create on social networks.

Remember that, in each case, it is about reaching a target market that can be in different phases of the process that takes it from the recognition of your company to the conversion into a customer. On this point, I spoke in-depth weeks ago about copywriting and the strategy of converting visits into clients.

Important: The process I was talking about previously has four stages and for each of them you must create content that promotes progress to the next stage. The four stages are:

Recognition: your target market discovers and visits you, thus becoming a Web user.

Interest: the Web user is interested in knowing what your value proposition is, becoming a potential client.

Wish: once they discover your proposal, they are tempted to buy what you sell.

Action: the potential customer becomes a real consumer.

Now, in any space on the Web page a visiting user who is at any stage can be presented, that is, someone who did not know your company may come across your Web page while searching, either because you have known how to position it with keywords, perhaps using tools or web page trends and SEO positioning, or because you have paid for advertising.

The latter being true, you must ensure that the content adjusts to the user’s needs according to the stage in which it is and adapted to the medium. For example, in social networks, the direct sale of a product is not usually successful, but rather content of another type is generated, such as informative and educational content that helps your company gain a reputation and respect from its target market.

Content formats

Currently, the selection of the content format is vital because that will depend on whether your audience loves you or goes unnoticed.

Always try to keep up with trends. You already know that today highly graphic content, such as images and videos, has a greater value for audiences of all kinds.

Content and advertising

You must plan the presentation of content in advertising spaces because, in general, the format limits the resources with which you can transmit your idea.

It never hurts to try various ad models and determine which one works best. Remember that marketing is often a matter of trial and error.


I talked to you about how to plan the content generation and now I’m going to talk about the tools you have to expose that content.

Generally, the content for digital marketing is displayed on web pages, emails, and social networks; The adoption of one or more tools will be decisive for the outcome of your adventure.


This is a tool that cannot be missing in a digital marketing strategy. But, for this strategy, try to apply the Design Thinking methodology, you will avoid many troubles!

A web page is like an operations center; It is the place where your target market arrives to understand what your business offer is about.

Your website is where the information is generated for the use of email as a digital marketing tool.


The use of email messages is a tool that many love and that many hate. Those who still hate it, associate it with the old practices that supposed the misuse of the environment.

Nowadays, the ways have changed and, as I mentioned in another article, email marketing has been repositioned as a very effective tool to win customers and retain them. Although for this you must plan your strategy for using this tool very well.

Social media

Currently, social networks can be the best allies for Internet marketing.

These media serve as great flows to attract potential customers and send them to the website, and even to develop the conversion process.

Social networks, when used well, can give us a great presence in our target market and even the dream of every marketing campaign: to turn your business into your customers’ best friend.

Creating profiles on social networks is free, although maintaining an effective presence on them can be a challenge. I recommend that you study which networks are worth being on, according to what you sell and the target market you want to reach; not all social media is good for all businesses.


It is important that in your journey you create connections that help you develop your business you must do so.

Strategic partnership

One of the connections that you must make to be successful on the Web is the strategic association with other companies that have similar objectives to yours, without being direct competition.

Look for companies that complement your business offer and form a work team where one recommends the other.

Business networks

You must work in business networks, that works very similar to the association with a company that complements you, but in this case, what you are looking for is that the sector where your company is located supports you.

It is assumed that if you are part of a business network, it is easier for your potential clients to associate you with a good reputation and thus you will be able to gain their trust with your website, which will take them through the conversion process.

Reviews and recommendations

At the level of your target market, audience, or potential customers, it is very important that you encourage the granting of reviews about your company.

You should know that an important part of any marketing strategy is that some witnesses attest to the quality of what you offer; That helps a lot that many other people decide to buy whatever you are selling.

Remember that on the Internet, especially at the level of physical store positioning, it is very important that companies have reviews registered with Google; Those that appear when they show results of the businesses that are nearby according to your location or according to the town from which you have made the query.

With these tips or considerations, you can start working on your business successfully.

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