Decorating A Teenage Bedroom

Decorating A Teenage Bedroom: What We Like The Most About The New IKEA Catalog

Decorating A Teenage Bedroom
Decorating A Teenage Bedroom

Are you thinking of renovating your children’s bedroom for the new year? We take a look at the Ikea website and its new catalog for back to school and we tell you our favorites to decorate teenage rooms! We show you some very interesting decorative and practical accessories and what are the latest trends in furniture according to the Swedish brand and our criteria. Take note!

The decoration of children’s and youth bedrooms is outdated faster, since it largely depends on the age of the children and their tastes, over and above the decorative trends themselves, which affect adult bedrooms more.

In adolescence, the changes from one year to another multiply, especially in the stage between 14 and 16 years. Maturity, rebellion, and organization are in full swing, and we must adapt the environment to all these changes so that your bedroom continues to be a welcoming, practical and functional space.

If some time ago we gave you a lot of ideas to decorate a pre-adolescent bedroom (between 11 and 13 years old), this time we are going to go a little further, and we will teach you how to decorate and renovate a bedroom for teenagers.

As we mentioned, age is very important when it comes to setting our tastes and achieving an atmosphere where we feel comfortable. And you already know the importance of a cozy bedroom!

We look at the new Ikea catalog and its website and we tell you which are our favorites and the accessories we like the most to renovate a teenage bedroom. Take note!

Ideas To Decorate A Teenage Bedroom

Ideas to decorate
Ideas to decorate

To decorate a teenage bedroom we must take into account a few things: Colors, styles, lighting, study area … Broadly speaking, two main factors stand out: simplicity and functionality.

Teenagers’ bedrooms should not be overloaded, so that ornaments and other elements do not interfere with their concentration, and functional and practical, since they will spend many hours working and studying in the room.

Change The Decoration Towards A Nordic Style

Going, little by little, deriving the decoration of a children’s bedroom, more colorful and ornate, towards a more Nordic style will be the key to give it simplicity and that it fits better and better as the boys grow older.

Even if we give it a simpler style, it does not mean that teenage decorations are colorless! Choose different and special accessories to complete the space and create a pleasant atmosphere. A colorful carpet, furniture with colored drawers.

In this Ikea proposal (which you can see below), have you noticed the chair-shaped hooks? They are called FJANTIG, they are a very original accessory! Perfect for a teenage room.

Renew The Walls: Vinyls

Have you thought about changing the color of the walls to give a more mature touch to the room? Many times the color of the walls or the patterned paper is out of date, and just by renovating it, we will notice a great change in the room.

The key to this is neutral colors, which never fail and fit at any age, such as white, cream, or gray … Decorating the bedroom in gray tones is a good idea and is in full swing!

In addition, beyond changing the color of the walls, decorative vinyls are a great option to renew the walls without spending much. Among teenagers, maps are very fashionable, we leave you a very interesting example! This map is made of blackboard and allows you to write with chalk on it.

A Good Study Corner

A good study corner
A good study corner

A study nook is essential in any student’s room. For this Ikea proposes we combine different elements that, together, create a great environment to study or do homework.

In this way, by choosing a good desk, a closet to place folders and books, and a simple but comfortable swivel chair, we will have the perfect environment for a teenager.

We recommend that, when you choose a desk, make sure that it has drawers, they are much more functional and practical!

By the way, does this bookcase sound familiar to you? Indeed, it is the classic Kallax shelf that we transformed and tuned in the Deco garden. In the caption, we leave you the complete combination so that you can easily find it on your website.

The white furniture brings light to the rooms and creates more relaxed and comfortable environments for studying and concentrating. If you are looking for a practical and simple bedroom in white, this option is also very interesting. In this case, the combination consists of two pieces, a wardrobe desk, and the swivel chair.

Good Lighting Cannot Be Missing!

The study area has to be well lit, both by natural light and by artificial light. Although it may seem secondary, the truth is that good lighting helps concentration a lot, making it work better and faster.

As children get older, the study hours also get longer and longer, often ending up at night, especially in the fall and winter months.

To do this, a good idea is to get a small lamp or flexo, which illuminates the desk correctly without making too much shadow and thus being able to study comfortably.

Desk organizers

Harmony is essential in good decoration and is one of the most important elements that we must take into account when choosing decorative accessories. At Ikea, we can find some very useful desk and drawer organizers for a teenager.

Among our favorites, the DRONJONS desk organizer stands out, a very practical and compact product perfect for having school supplies always at hand.

But don’t forget about the inside of the drawers! It is important to have them well organized (it is a classic teenager to have it all mixed up). NOJIG drawer organizers are perfect boxes to keep all the materials: pens, pencils, paints … well organized.

Note Boards And Corks

Note boards and corks
Note boards and corks

The boards, corks, and panels for notes and materials are very practical both to have the study material more organized, to better visualize the important questions, and to improve the study technique.

Stands For Computers And Tablets

Currently, and for a few years, new technology is fully integrated into the study and work techniques, so using laptops or tablets is very common in the day-to-day life of a teenager.

For this, it is necessary to have some elements that favor good work with electronic elements and also a good posture. At Ikea we can find very practical computer and tablet holders:

Other Practical Accessories

In addition to the basic elements that make up a young student’s bedroom, there are other products that also come in handy and that make working hours more practical and leisure hours more comfortable.

Among those elements we can find everything: Chargers with three ports to charge more than one device at the same time, portable speakers, wireless charger, mobile phone holder … We leave you some great ideas!

These have been our Ikea favorites to decorate a teenage bedroom! Now it only remains to adapt them to the tastes, needs, and concerns of young students in this new stage.

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