Debunking the Most Common PPC Marketing Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common PPC Marketing Myths That Exist Today

It’s not easy to take the plunge and invest in PPC marketing. The cost of ads has continued to go up over the years. That makes it an expensive decision that isn’t worth the risk for many businesses.

But that doesn’t stop PPC ads from being an excellent choice for those who choose this route. Reports show that 65% of customers still click PPC ads. That makes it a great way to reach new people.

There are many misconceptions about PPC marketing efforts that put off many people from getting started. Below are some of the most common PPC marketing myths you need to know.

You Don’t Need PPC if You Use SEO

SEO is a great way to expand your marketing efforts. You invest in creating content, optimizing your website, and building links. Once you’re finished, Google will find your website as an authority and rank you for valuable search terms.

Some business owners see this as a way to avoid paying for ads. While it’s true that you can ramp down your marketing budget when you start getting SEO traffic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still get traffic from other sources.

You can use a combination of SEO and PPC to bring even more traffic to your website. 

PPC Is too Expensive for Small Companies

One issue that many companies have with PPC marketing is the cost. Unlike other types of marketing, where you pay for something like content one time and keep using it, you need to pay for every click to your website with PPC marketing.

There’s no denying that this will cost a lot of money if you plan to scale. However, that future cost shouldn’t prevent you from starting your PPC campaigns today.

There are controls in place on ad platforms that allow you to control your costs. You can set campaign limits, restrict advertising hours, and much more.

Yes, you may lose money initially as you optimize your campaigns. But as time goes on and you optimize, you can start making a profit. You can then ramp up your winning campaigns to bring in as much traffic as you want.

With this process, you can start as small or large as you want, which means small businesses can use PPC to see results.

Nobody Views Ads Anymore

A big concern small and large companies have about ads is the rising use of Adblock software. People are tired of looking at ads all day, so they do whatever possible to remove them from the internet experience.

But that doesn’t mean every person uses Adblock. Believe it or not, there are still millions of people who don’t.

Those are all people you may not be able to reach if you don’t invest in paid ads. They will still see ads from your competitors and buy from them if you don’t compete for visibility.

If you want to know how much traffic you can expect, check the estimates offered by PPC networks. You can get a good idea of how much traffic you can expect by looking at the data.

PPC Is for Online Business

Many local businesses skip PPC marketing altogether. They believe they’re competing with the world, so they don’t take the chance with marketing with paid ads.

However, there are a lot of opportunities to make their company more well-known online. You don’t have to advertise your company to the entire internet. You can confine your reach to people in your local area.

This is especially important since many people now search for local businesses online. Investing in paid ads gives you a better chance of reaching those people. You’ll have a leg-up on local brands that only do the bare minimum to get on Google Maps and rank for local keywords.

Logging into the PPC campaign area for the first time can be intimidating. You have several screens, and you may not know what to do if you’ve never run ads before.

This stops many people from ever starting with paid ads. They think they don’t know enough and will only lose money.

But the thing is that even expert PPC marketers lose money at first. You must test your ad campaigns to see if they resonate with customers. If they don’t, you keep optimizing until they do.

It may take some time, but testing ads will help you learn how to advertise. 

You also have options if you don’t have the time to learn for yourself. You can work with a marketing company that knows how paid ads work to create campaigns for you.

PPC Is Short-Term

Many companies believe PPC campaigns are short-lived. This is because of ad blindness. Once people see the same advertisement for an extended time, they start ignoring it.

However, that doesn’t mean PPC campaigns are short terms. You can continue running your ad campaigns, but you’ll make small changes to switch things up.

Doing this will make your ads fresher and less likely to be ignored. You’ll be able to keep your ad campaigns running much longer.

And if a campaign does keep losing, no matter how many changes you make, you can start a new ad campaign in its place.

Don’t Let Common PPC Marketing Myths Stop You

PPC marketing for a small business owner can be intimidating. You’re spending a lot of money in the hopes that you have a great ad campaign. With so many types of marketing, many business owners tend to invest in other methods.

But that doesn’t mean you can come back around to PPC marketing and see success. There are many PPC marketing myths that simply aren’t true. Be sure to examine PPC when you expand your marketing strategy to see the benefits paid ads will bring to businesses.

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