Debunking The Latest Myths That Exist About Managed IT Services

Debunking The Latest Myths That Exist About Managed IT Services

Are you considering outsourcing managed IT services for your business? Having an in-house IT team is expensive, and many small business owners don’t yet have the resources to make it happen. Outsourcing is the obvious answer.

But you may have heard a few myths going around the internet about whether or not the best IT solutions are managed IT solutions.

We’re here to discuss some of those myths. Read on to learn more. 

Outsourcing IT Is Too Expensive

You’re always trying to save money as a small business owner, so can you afford to waste any on managed IT services? Can’t you just get your own IT equipment and do everything on your own?

If you’re working solo, or with a small team, you may be able to handle the bulk of your IT work by yourself. That said, you’re putting yourself at risk of burnout, or worse, serious safety threats. 

One bad IT security disaster is going to be far more expensive than any IT service. 

Even if you decide to hire a full-time in-house IT person (or even a team), you’re going to be spending more money. After all, these people work hard to learn all of the necessary IT skills that they need to support your business. They deserve a high salary. 

Managed IT solutions tend to be a flat rate, meaning that you’ll pay less money.

You Have To Choose One Or The Other

So what if you already have an IT team? That means that you shouldn’t use managed IT services, right? Won’t you be replacing your valuable employees?

This isn’t true. You can use managed IT services in conjunction with an in-house team, and sometimes that’s even the best solution if you can afford it. 

Your IT team is full of talented people, but everyone has blind spots. When you outsource an IT team, you’re getting even more professionals that can make sure that all of your bases are covered. 

Outsourcing IT services also gives you access to around-the-clock IT support. Your IT staff can relax when they’re off the clock. 

Managed IT Services Are For Large Businesses 

So why bother with managed IT services if your business is small to medium-sized? You don’t have that many tech needs, right? 

If you want your business to grow, you’re going to want to have access to a wide variety of IT tools. Using managed IT services gives you access to some tools that large corporations have access to, but at a better price. 

You also need to keep in mind that 43% of data breaches happen to small or medium-sized businesses. A team of IT professionals will help you avoid that.

Managed IT Services Myths: Debunked

If any of these managed IT services myths seem familiar, now you know the truth. Managed IT services are the perfect solution for any business owner who wants security and IT management at an affordable price. Why not give your business a boost by outsourcing your IT needs?

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