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Olga Buzova, among others, has one gift – next to her, anyone becomes a celebrity. So, her ex-boyfriend David Manukyan suddenly became a superstar, although before that he was a fairly popular blogger. And yet Olya raised this popularity to an unattainable level. So who is he – this David Manukyan?

Childhood And Youth

David Manukyan was born in 1993 in Novosibirsk in the family of businessman Ashot Manukyan and his wife Anna.

From the age of three, little Dava began to engage in sports and ballroom dancing and was able to achieve serious success in this. He participated in the championships of the Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, and other countries. The young man finished his career in 2010 with the title of master of sports, with the title of vice-world champion and champion of Russia. The reason for this decision was problems with the spine.

After leaving school, David entered the Novosibirsk branch of the Russian Academy of Civil Service at the department of management. During his student years, he takes an active part in various university activities and starts doing business. 

Career Of David Manukyan

According to David himself, he started selling car accessories with his mother. At first, the income was modest. The situation was aggravated by family problems. Father Dava was set up by partners, as a result of which the entrepreneur was drawn into debt obligations. As a result, all the money earned went to pay off the debt. Manukyan Sr. even had to sell an apartment and a car in order to pay off creditors

In 2017, after parting with his girlfriend, David made a fateful decision and spontaneously moved to Moscow. At first, he lived with relatives outside the city. With the money set aside, the guy bought a camera and began filming videos on YouTube. 

The videos did not receive many views, and the number of subscribers barely exceeded a thousand people. Then Manukyan decided to try to shoot funny videos on Instagram. The very first vine was a success with the public and quickly spread across the web. Then Dava began to offer bloggers mutual PR and gradually build up the audience. 

Success came to the young man after meeting Karina Lazaryants, aka Karina Cross, who, before becoming a blogger, tried to build a career in film and television. The guys began to record short humorous videos that garnered millions of views. In 2018, David began his musical career and recorded the first track.

David’s Novels

Manukyan does not like to talk about his personal life. Even before moving to Moscow, he met with the dancer Anastasia Malysheva for about a year. The reasons for their separation are still unknown. Later, they began to attribute to him a connection with his blogosphere partner Karina Cross, which the young people partly confirmed. 

In September 2019, David gave an interview to the YouTube channel Popcake, where he said that his heart is free. He also added that he prefers not to have easy intrigues and dreams of meeting a girl who would understand the peculiarities of his work and with whom a serious relationship could be built. Olga Buzova became such a girl for the blogger.

David Manukyan with Olga Buzova

The couple began their relationship after filming together in the video for the song “Liker”. The singer herself invited David to take part in the work on the video. He put all the work aside and, without hesitation, agreed. David Manukyan with Olga Buzova

“Yes, I was hated when I started working with Olya, but that’s okay. I have always dreamed of working with her, I have watched for a long time. I never regretted it. She is a professional. 

I saw how it works. Olya did not sleep for two days. I came to the shooting of the video, plowed all day. It is important for me that a person works. Neither Olya nor I even ate, they could not drink water, but everything was positive. A lot of things can be said about a person if you do not know him. She has no whims, ”the blogger shared in an interview.

After the release of the video, the stars began to attribute the novel. Cute shots began to appear on the Web, according to which it was possible to conclude that the couple is connected by something more than just friendship. However, celebrities were in no hurry to comment on their relationship. 

The fact is that at that time the show “Plan B” was on the air of the TNT channel, Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov tried to find worthy life companions for each other. Only at the final of the project, the singer admitted that her heart was busy.

In December 2019, Olya and David finally stopped hiding their relationship and began posting joint photos and videos on social networks. On New Year’s holidays, the lovers flew to rest in Courchevel, where they conquered the mountain slopes together, enjoyed each other, and rejoiced at the new followers on Instagram. 


After a while, the TV presenter published a video in “Stories” in which it was possible to notice that she and David made the same tattoos on their wrists with an infinity sign. And the fans began to wait for the news of the imminent wedding. Instead, a scandalous breakup followed: Olya accused Davout of treason and tyranny, he just tried to keep silent. 

What Happened Next

Love disappeared into thin air as quickly as it began: Buzova suffered only a couple of days and forgot about her ex-lover. Manukyan switched instantly: he “stuck” to Philip Kirkorov, became a frequent guest of social events. On the sidelines, they started talking that David used Olya to get up, and now she was replaced by the king of pop. 


In Dava’s life, everything really turned around quickly and cool: followed by participation in “Dancing with the Stars”, conducting “House-2”, shooting in the program “Good night, kids!” and much more. Add to that over 13 million Instagram followers and you have a complete set. Against the background of frenzied popularity, Manukyan even resorted to plastic surgery: with the help of liposuction, he made himself abs cubes. 

One conclusion suggests itself: David is not as simple as it might seem at the beginning of the relationship with Olga Buzova. Today we are faced with a guy with a multimillion audience, colossal ambitions, and frenzied media coverage. 

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