CREATE SITESome companies or people have already created their websites or blogs, but have not yet thought of going a little further. The convenience, ease, and security offered by online shopping have motivated more people to do their shopping without leaving home.

In addition to often online stores offer lower prices than in other establishments, you can do price research in various e-commerce, save without having to go from store to store in search of promotions and, many times, you don’t even need to worry about shipping, just receiving delivery at your door.

For this reason, whoever has a physical store is investing in a sales website. And whoever has a sales website almost never wants to have a physical store again due to the great ease and agility.

There are many cases of establishments that work only online, so it is essential to create a sales website so that the seller can reach his customers. Take the example of Submarino, which today is the largest virtual store in word (they do not have a physical store, only a sales website).

For your online store to be successful among Internet users, you should not only worry about making online purchasing mechanisms available on your platform, which is essential for virtual sales to occur but also offering an attractive layout.

The first thing to think about

In this article, what I want to pass on is a general introduction and some tips for you to create your store. The idea is that you finish reading, go to the recommended sites, and have your e-commerce in minutes. Sometimes the biggest job is not to create the store itself, but to add the products, send them by post, and be concerned with quality.

When thinking about how to make a sales website it is important to take into account that it should resemble a conventional store, or even better, being possible to view all models of the product that is for sale.

If you work with shoes and clothing, you need to make the measurements of each piece available or create a pattern, as well as describe all types of material that make it up, since the buyer will not see the product live, he will feel more favorable making a purchase where you have all the product information.

Building a sales website also requires you to think about all the logistics that involve selling a product, such as inventory, delivery, deadlines, etc. Those who already have their trade are more familiar with the procedures when creating a sales website, however, nothing prevents you from starting from scratch.

Virtual stores are ideal, even, for those who manufacture their products but do not have a physical store to sell them. If you’ve never even made a blog, don’t worry, as the mechanisms that help you make a sales website are available on the web. Below I will show you an excellent website that helps you in the development of both common websites and portals and complete stores.

Tips for creating an e-commerce

Even for free, you can learn how to make a sales website. The Webnode is one example that offers all the assistance to build your e-commerce without spending a penny. To do so, simply access the website and register so that in a few minutes your online store is ready.

Anyone can create a sales website because Webnode allows you to manage your business in a practical and intuitive way.

You can also choose from a series of functions so that the site meets all your needs as a seller. With the website up and running, you can track statistics about your customers’ behavior, which products are best sold, which customers buy the most, etc.

This service also allows payment via PayPal and credit cards, as well as integration with websites for price comparison, filters for product research, among other resources.

There are other paid services on how to make a sales site, and you will not have to worry about anything, just hiring one of the companies that do this, such as Locaweb, 4Web, and DotStore, among others.

There are many options that these services can offer, such as shopping cart, freight calculation, customer registration, product registration by categories, inventory control, customer and order management, newsletter sending, and much more.

The first step in making a sales website

We talk, talk, and talk, but it was just theory. Now we require you to take the first step. To do this, analyze whether the product you are looking to offer is virtually marketable to the point where people take their credit card out of their pocket, pay, and wait for the product to arrive home.

Note that airline tickets, electronic devices, digital books, and courses are easily marketed because the value of these products in online stores is usually less.

However, simpler products whose prices are practically identical to physical stores are usually not easily sold. This is the first point to analyze.

After you decided to create a virtual store, it’s time to register on the Webnode website.

There they have an e-commerce plan that fits in anyone’s pocket, in addition to assisting in the entire creation process. With Webnode, it is possible to create a sales website in just a few minutes and start to register the products of your store.

One tip, before anything else, is to think of a name for your online store. This is essential because it will represent your company’s brand. In the article previously linked,

we explained some important points about branding and how the ease of remembering a name affects a brand and the sale of products from an online store. We strongly recommend that you take a look at this article.

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