Content Marketing Tactics: Everything You Need to Know

Today’s eCommerce market is expected to reach over $5.5 trillion before 2022 is done. Online sales make up more than 20 percent of all sales. Growth in online sales will increase by almost 25 percent by 2025.

If you have a business, here are some content marketing tactics you should try to reach these customers. Follow some of these tips and watch your sales skyrocket to the next level.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content means any information a company posts to its website to deliver sales messaging. Blog posts, pictures, infographics, or videos are all examples of content.

Google crawls your content and learns your company’s mission and goals. After Google finds your site, they keep returning when a relevant query comes along.

Content marketing involves using an online platform to promote a company’s services or products.

Content marketing includes planning, distributing, and publishing content through online content marketing channels. These content marketing examples include websites, podcasts, social media, and more.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There is a definite strategy behind creating and implementing a content marketing plan. The best content marketing strategies begin with these primary building blocks:

Create Customer Personas

Categorizing ideal customers based on their desires or goals is called creating a customer persona.

Collecting persona data helps you categorize your different customer behaviors and plan for future products to satisfy their wants further down the road. Customer persona data includes ranges from demographics to buying histories.

Create Your Action Plan

Your action plan should include your company’s goals and how content marketing can bring your business to these goals.

This is the time that your action plan should include what online channels you’ll use to deliver promotional messaging to your customers. Examples of these online channels range from email marketing to social media marketing.

Analyze Your Final Results/Outcomes

Review your statistical marketing outcome reports (or “dashboard metrics”) to see which platforms used to, and don’t currently, meet your expectations. These reports will also show how many likes, comments, or images get passed along.

Content Marketing Tactics You Can Start Now

There are many digital marketing agencies contemporary guidelines on the best marketing tools and tactics your company can use to promote your brand. Some of these types of content marketing tactics include:

Social Media

Companies leverage traffic to a social media site to attract online socializers to click on their business ads. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have ad platforms that allow businesses to advertise on their sites.


An infographic displays information and data in easy-to-understand, graphic formats. Simple wording and clear images can break down complex topics so that any visitor will understand them.

Blog Writing

Writing blogs can promote other external or internal content through links to other blog articles. Blog posts can also be shared on other social media sites as well.

Podcast Marketing

Podcasts can be about any topic you choose. Other creative factors related to podcasts include tone or cadence, guests invited, length of episodes, and where you advertise your podcast. are.

Next Steps

Are you ready to put these content marketing tactics in motion for your company? If so, you can start today.

Decide on the social media platforms that you want to promote your services and goods. Pick those five or ten questions that you always get about your products. Then you can create a newsletter that answers those questions.

For more on marketing trends, be sure to check out our website. We can take your company to the next level.

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