Content Creator vs Content Marketer: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that over one-third of small businesses lack a website? If you’re trying to help your business gain visibility online, you need to start with a website. But once you have one set up, you might be wondering whether you need a content creator or content marketer.

Read on to learn about the differences between a content creator vs content marketer!

What Is a Content Creator?

A content creator spends their time crafting content on a particular topic — and in a particular form. This could translate into developing a blog post or Tweet. It also could mean writing an ebook or a short blurb on social media.

Ultimately, the content needs to be clear and rich in keywords that can attract viewers. Content creators will work with personnel in the organization first. Then they will determine topics and angles that are most likely to drive interest.

No content creator guide is complete without mentioning outreach. That means that content creators also might look to input from customers.

For instance, maybe your business sells home improvement tools. Your customers might be interested in reading blog posts on how-to projects. Adding this kind of content to your website and embedding it with links to products could be a successful plan.

A Content Marketer Builds Engagement

A content marketer is tasked with getting content in front of the right audience. Content marketing may involve laying out a vision for what content should look like, too. A content marketer will arrive at this vision by brainstorming or investigating the competition.

Think of content marketers as the people responsible for developing the big picture plan. They’ll need to build an editorial calendar, for instance, to know when content should be deployed. And content can include anything from infographics to webinars.

Content marketers need to be good writers, but they also need to have a unique creative capacity. They’ll need to find fresh ways to represent business interests that hook returning and new customers.

One Relies on the Other

A content marketer won’t have a role unless the content creator first has done their job. And to run a successful business that succeeds into its second year, you need both pieces of the puzzle.

For instance, you might have a content creator who has crafted great content rich in SEO. But unless you have a content marketer finding the niche audience to see it, that content might not have much impact.

Since over 78% of businesses have under 10 employees, you might have one person who fills both roles. Just be clear on what differentiates one from the other!

Compare a Content Creator vs Content Marketer

When you compare a content creator vs content marketer, there are key differences — and you need both roles to succeed. A content creator focuses on creating optimized content. A content marketer then finds the best distribution channels and gathers data to help drive engagement.

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