CISA Exam Preparation

CISA Exam Preparation: 13 Actionable Tips

IT industry is booming and is expected to continue to do so in the coming future. But with the increased productivity in the sector, information and security threats also pose a major issue. That is why we need Cyber Security experts who can solve these problems and overcome any security challenges, come what may. 

If you are someone interested in becoming a world-class Systems Auditor then you need to pass the CISA® Exam. Only after successfully clearing this exam, it is demonstrated that you have the requisite skills to apply the Information Systems standards at your enterprise. 

In this article, we have gathered 13 actionable tips that you need to follow if you really want to clear your upcoming CISA exam. KnowledgeHut’s CISA Certification Training course provides you a great opportunity to gain the foundational knowledge of Systems Audit from industry experts and develop understanding and knowledge to clear this exam. 

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to control complex information systems and protect them by regularly conducting thorough security audits. The course is designed as per the ISACA CISA® curriculum which aims to impart both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge on Information Systems security standards and their effective implementation as required. The CISA training helps you become all ready to clear your CISA exam. 

13 Actionable Tips for CISA Exam Preparation

If you are preparing for the CISA Exam, it is really important that you follow some expert CISA exam preparation tips so that you are completely prepared before the final day of the exam. First of all, you need to create your personalized CISA study plan which will help you navigate through the exam topics before the big day when you take this exam

Below listed is the collection of CISA exam preparation tips from the participants who have successfully cleared this exam. Let us have a look at these simple tips to get started on your preparation:

1. Understand the Fundamental Concepts

The first step to clearing the CISA exam is to familiarize yourself with the core concepts of Systems Audit which involve: Risks, Control, Security, and Audit related to Information Systems. You need to understand the following things that are essential for learning the fundamental concepts of IT auditing:

  • The general concepts and practice of Information technology
  • Risks that arise while deploying IT components
  • The essential features of security and control practices of IT components
  • Implementation of Control in a way to mitigate risks
  • Auditing IT components by knowing the risks
  • Reviewing security and control
  • Identifying the vulnerability of the system and providing recommendations to mitigate it

2. Evaluate Your Knowledge by doing Self Analysis

You need to memorize some facts and to be solid about what you have learned, you can take mock exams or practice test questions. There is also a self-analysis portal on the ISACA website that you utilize to estimate the level of your knowledge and whether you have done sufficient preparation for the exam or not. 

3. Curate a Personalized Study Plan

You need to design a study plan yourself because it acts as a plan of action for you to ensure you are regularly engaged in the preparation of the CISA exam. Depending on your existing knowledge, you can draft a study plan, stick to it, and finally excel in the exam on your very first attempt. Moreover, do audit practice to gain some IT experience so that you stand out from the rest.

 4. Familiarize yourself with the Exam Question Format

The CISA Exam Questions are mainly categorized into two categories: Conceptual and Practical. The former tests your foundational knowledge of technology and auditing standards and the latter tests your competency to comprehend a real-world scenario and apply your learned knowledge. 

5. Read Carefully When Answering Questions

When you try the practice questions before the final day of the exam, try to answer as per how ISACA would ask the question. For that, you need to read the questions word by word to get the right idea of what that answer demands. Read the question, then eliminate the answers and mark your best option. 

6. Evaluate Your Answers and Read All Explanations

When looking for the answers in the practice set, it’s best if you give some time to the explanation for both the correct and wrong answers. If you are able to get them right, it instills confidence in you that you have the required knowledge. 

7. Don’t Blindly Memorize

While it is required to memorize the core concepts, it is equally important to understand how the concepts can be applied in a practical scenario. This is why it is said don’t just blindly memorize the fundamentals. This way you can test your applied knowledge on the topic areas concerned and not merely on your ability to memorize the facts alone.

8. Take Regular Mock Exam

To excel in the exam, you should always be ready by solving practice sets. Giving mock exams is one of the great ways to prepare for the CISA exam as it simulates the experience for you on the final test day. Practice makes a man perfect and here it makes you comfortable too with your exam performance. So, always give the extra reading time of yours to practice time management.

9. Prepare Yourself Mentally Before the Exam

An effective way of reducing exam-related stress is by blocking all the thoughts of uncertainties. For example, give a mock exam before the test, estimate the traffic time to reach the center, and be prepared with a list of what you will need in the exam hall. The beforehand preparation of all these things removes quite a lot of uncertainties that might act as a hurdle on your final exam day. Get a complete 8-hour sleep to give your mind the peace it needs to appear in the exam. 

10. Time Management

Time Management is one of the essential things that any individual on this planet needs to learn if they really want to excel in their life. When it comes to taking the CISA exam, you need to plan how much time you are going to give to each question so that you can solve the entire set within the limited time. You can achieve this much efficiency only after solving practice sets and giving mock exams. 

11. Think in the ISACA way

While taking the exam, answer any question in the “ISACA way”. Your answers should be in line with the ISACA thinking and especially when you are not sure of an answer or confused between two, use this trick to guide you.

12. If Unsure, Pick an Answer and Move on

Don’t waste your time by giving time more than required on a question. If you don’t know the answer, leave it, and move on. In the end, come back to that question if there is any time left to analyze and eliminate the answers. 

13. Double Check Your Answers 

You must take the exam in a way that sufficient time is left for you to double-check the answers to ensure they are marked in the correct boxes

Final Remarks

There are as such no prior requirements that you need to fulfill in order to take up the CISA® training and certification course. However, there is a certain eligibility criterion that you need to have to take the CISA® Exam which is: systems security work experience and educational qualifications in Information Security Audit.

So, enroll in the course today and give a right kickstart to your future career with CISA certification. Happy Learning!

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