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Chuck Taylor vs Chuck 70: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that 60% of Americans have previously owned or currently own a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers? That makes them the most popular sneaker in the country. Plus, because of their founding in 1917, they’re also the oldest.

But did you know there is more than one type of Chuck Taylors? Another popular version of Converse is the “Chuck 70s.” What’s the difference between the two?

This guide will break down everything you need to know about Chuck Taylor vs Chuck 70 shoes to figure out which shoe is perfect for you.

Chuck Taylor vs Chuck 70: Comparing the Look

The Converse Chuck 70 was first introduced in 2013. Its design is a dedicated throwback to the Converse design of the 1960s and 1970s.

In terms of visual aesthetics, the Converse Chuck 70 features a thicker canvas, leading to a host of changes. This gives the shoe a bit more structure than the classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars of the 1920s. But that’s not the only difference between the two shoes.

Chuck 70 also features a smaller toecap, thicker laces, and a real, three-dimensional leather heel patch. This stands in comparison to the screen-printed heel patch of the traditional All-Star shoe. 

Additionally, Chuck 70’s have higher foxing. Foxing refers to the way the sole extends onto the upper part of the shoe. Higher foxing provides the shoe with more lateral stability than the All-Star design. 

A Vintage Glow

In addition to having a smaller toecap, it is also glossier than the All-Star’s. The toecap and sole also feature an off-white tint. This gives the shoe a more vintage appearance. 

Both the Converse Chuck 70 high top and low top feature the old-fashioned “license plate” logo on the back of the shoe. They also feature a classic nameplate on the right side shoe’s tongue. 

Additionally, the Chuck 70 low top and high top have an extra line of midfoot stitching. This could have a variety of different functions, including:

  • Keeping the sole from splitting — a common problem with All-Stars
  • Keeping the layers of thicker canvas together
  • Providing additional lateral support 

All About the Canvas

Both All-Stars and Chuck 70’s are made from canvas, which is woven cotton. However, the canvas in the Chuck ’70s is thicker and more substantial, providing the shoe with more structure. 

All-Stars have a canvas that is light, much like the canvas used to make tote bags. This makes them much more floppy than the Chuck 70s, especially when it comes to the Chuck 70 high top. 

Differences in the Sole

Another similarity, All-Stars and Chuck 70’s both feature soles made from vulcanized rubber. The difference, however, comes in how many layers of rubber make up the sole. 

The All-Stars actually feature three layers of rubber, whereas the Chuck 70’s have just one. However, the Chuck 70’s outsole, or the outside rubber strips, extend higher than those on the All-Star. This provides more lateral stability, plus reduces the likelihood of holes forming at the toe break. 

The Chuck 70’s sole is also more cushioned than the All-Star’s. So while this might make the All-Star more ideal for powerlifters, most other people will find that the Chuck 70 is a bit more comfortable for daily use. 

If you’ve ever struggled to wear Converse due to lack of arch support, the Chuck 70s might be perfect for you. This is thanks to its unique Ortholite sole. In fact, many people consider the Chuck 70 to be Converse’s most comfortable shoe yet. 

Fit and Sizing of the Shoe

Sizing can be a bit difficult for many Converse shoes. All-Stars tend to fit true to size. However, if you’re wearing them to work out, you should consider sizing down about half a size. 

You should size Chuck 70’s down half a size for general wear. This is because of heel slippage that can occur due to the more flexible heel.

In general, both shoes have a tendency to run a little large. But the All-Star shoe tends to be a bit better at gripping the heel without slipping. 

Breaking Down the Prices

Both the Chuck 70s and the All-Stars come in a high top and low-top variety, which come at different price points. There’s also a difference in price between the two shoes themselves. 

The All-Star’s prices are as follows:

  • High Tops – $55
  • Low Tops – $50

And the Chuck 70 prices are as follows:

  • High Tops – $85
  • Low Tops – $80 

So, in general, there’s a $30 difference between the two shoes. However, thanks to the higher quality construction of the Chuck 70, this price difference is no surprise.

Which Shoe Should You Buy? 

Though the Chuck 70 may be a higher quality shoe, there are still a few reasons to buy the All-Star. For example:

  • Converse All-Stars are the most iconic sneaker in the world
  • Converse All-Stars are more affordable
  • Converse All-Stars are more lightweight
  • Converse All-Stars are ideal for powerlifting 
  • Converse All-Stars come in a wider variety of colors and designs

So, all in all, choosing which shoe you want depends on your own personal tastes, budget, and needs. If you want high-quality, go for the Chuck 70s. If you want more variety and a lighter-weight shoe, go for the All-Stars.

Timeless Style for Every Taste

No matter what your personal taste is, you’re sure to find everything you want between the Converse Chuck Taylor vs Chuck 70. Either way, you’ll be wearing a timeless, iconic shoe that honors the history of sneaker wear. Plus, they’re comfortable to boot. 

To learn more about shoes and their iconic history, check out our Business section. You can find the right products for you, and even learn more about where they come from. 

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