Calling It Quits? Follow These Steps To Get a Divorce

Calling It Quits? Follow These Steps To Get a Divorce

Did you know that more than half of married couples have thought about divorce? This may be you, and it might be that you’re ready to act.

If it’s time to get a divorce, you shouldn’t simply lash out and start the proceedings right away. 

When you are considering getting a divorce, you have to remember that marital lives are often intertwined in ways that we become very used to, so you may forget key steps to take before you actually file for divorce.

Keep reading below to learn more about what to plan before you get a divorce.

Get Your Documentation Together

When you enter a marriage, you typically start to gather a lot of records and paperwork that relate to the marriage itself. You’ll need to get these items together so that you can have them in the event of a divorce. Look for documents like:

  • Insurance policies
  • Living will
  • Prenup agreement
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of income
  • Tax returns
  • Mortgage information

Anything that you think might be important probably is, so get it all together and store it in a safe location. This may need to be somewhere outside of your marital home.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney

Talk to an attorney early on in the process so that you know what you can expect when getting a divorce. No two divorces are exactly the same because they are still dealing with real people and relationships.

Your attorney will be able to help you get a better idea of how the proceedings may actually go down. They can also give you a timeframe for a court divorce or even give you more tips on what you need to do outside of this list. Check out for more information. 

Look At Your Credit and Financial Status

One thing that often goes overlooked is your credit score. You should start to create or improve your credit if you don’t already have a good score before the divorce takes place. If everything was set up in your spouse’s name, it’s time to start making changes (discretely) so that you can have your own credit.

You also want to consider opening up separate bank accounts when possible. You need these funds to pay for the divorce, but you’ll also want to have extra money when the divorce goes through. Look at your state laws to determine if a separate account may still count as marital property (or speak with your attorney about the matter). 

Open a P.O. Box

This may seem unnecessary, but if you want to receive information from your lawyer and other entities, a P.O. box is a confidential option for these communications. They are easy to open at your local post office. 

Secure Your Digital And Internet Information

Remove any saved passwords or login information from a shared family computer. If you have other devices that are shared, such as tablets or smartphones, consider removing passwords there as well. You don’t want to have your ex-spouse accessing this information to retaliate or attempt to incriminate you.

Plan Ahead Before You Get A Divorce

These are just some of the actions you should take before you get a divorce. Again, being married means that most of your assets are tied together. Taking the time to create a plan and make small actions will help the divorce go smoother later on.

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