Best Wall Design And Decor For Bedrooms To Try

Best Wall Design And Decor For Bedrooms To Try

Bedrooms are supposed to be the most special and ‘close to heart’ spaces in any house. Bedrooms may also change the overall looks of the interior of a house and it adds to its vibrancy. These bedrooms should be designed in such a way that our moods get spiced up once we are there. 

Nobody wishes to spend their time in a dull, white, and boxy room. Furnishing the bedroom seems to be an overwhelming task, especially for the middle-class people who work tooth and nail to meet both ends of their families together. 

But we need to know that several cost-efficient modern ideas could help us redefine our bedrooms. Let’s now look into a few of such ways which could eventually give a new life to your bedroom.

1. Wall Arts and Large Scale Paintings

Wall arts create a vibe in your bedroom that could enrich you with positive energy for the whole day. These artworks and lovely prints would revive your rooms. These days customized canvas prints with photos of your loved ones are also available. Canvaspop is undoubtedly the best place where you can get all those things that could breathe a whole new life into the room. It offers you a lot of options from which you can choose the best.

Just imagine how great it would be to see a blank white wall with a wall art piece being placed right at the center. Though it seems quite simple to hear, this enhances your bedroom’s visual appeal to a great extent. These framed paintings could be hung on the wall that we see once we step into the bedroom. 

It creates an overall impression and this could give a dash of color to that monotonous bedroom. You could go for a simple black and white photo, a beautiful mural, or an abstract piece of work. These could reveal a lot about your personality and could freshen you up and instill in you a sense of well-being.

Your bedroom could be turned into the most beautiful place in your house. Setting up a simple photo gallery on a blank wall could create the illusion of a bigger and better space It will also help you cherish all your memories and can indeed add a touch of uniqueness to your room. If these photos are well-framed, they could fill up your wall in a much better way

3. Using Wallpapers and Wall Stickers

Wallpapers were a trend in the late 20th century. But the use of wallpapers to adorn the bedroom walls declined in the initial years of the 21st century. Now, the wallpaper industry has come back and reclaimed the market with a bang. 

Wallpapers having beautiful floral patterns and Victorian themes are selling like hot cutlets in today’s markets. People seem to have gone back to those beautiful patterns to maintain a sense of noble antiquity in their bedrooms.

Wall stickers depicting fictional characters are always a trend in kids’ bedrooms. Children love these fictional superheroes a lot and would certainly look forward to having them on their walls. Colorful cartoon animal stickers and intricate floral stickers are also being used widely these days

4. Hanging Curtains or Using Blinds

Blinds and Curtain do sophisticate the overall look of your bedroom and also offer you much-needed privacy. Curtains and blinds of a wide range of materials and colors are available in today’s markets. There are cheap fabric curtains to exotic wooden blinds. The aesthetic appeal that it could add to your rooms would be amazing.

5. Installing Smart Storage Solutions

A bedroom should always be kept neat with all the things well-arranged. Smart storage solutions like wardrobes and bookshelves not only help you to arrange things well but also help you to uplift your bedroom to a whole new level. Floating storage shelves could also be screwed on walls to keep those small artifacts and mementos.

6. Install Good-Looking Clocks and Attractive Wall Lamps

Yeah, the main purpose of a clock is, of course, to let us know the time. But these clocks, if chosen wisely, could be made visually appealing too. Antique-looking analog wall clocks have now become very popular these days. 

You could find cheap clocks with excellent designs and more expensive wooden clocks with traditional pendulums.  You may choose any good clock that fits your budget. Anyway, one clock is a must in any bedroom. Rooms need to be bright and well-lit. Wall lamps in different shapes and sizes create a different aura in your room.

7. Beautiful Furniture, Live Plants, and Wall Ceilings

Needless to say, beds, bedside storage tables, writing tables, etc. are a must in any bedroom. The chosen furniture should be practical and long-lasting. These contribute a great deal to furnishing your spaces. Today, customized furniture is commonly being used. There is space-effective furniture available in the markets too. Ceilings are available in a wide variety of materials ranging from cheap gypsum-based ones to costlier multi-wood types.

Live plants do require a mention here as they bring life inside your rooms. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended varieties like the snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata) to be kept in indoor spaces as they are known for their air purification capacity.

Summing Up

Hence, a bedroom can be redefined by a lot many ways. In today’s world, interior design has come up to a whole new level. Now some things could fit in the pockets of a lot more people. There is also a need for a multidisciplinary and holistic approach while designing the interiors of any house. It should also be able to reflect the thoughts and desires of the user and should give them that ‘perfect place’ feeling.

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