Are Your Employees Not Showing up for Work

Are Your Employees Not Showing Up For Work? Here’s What To Do

Are you wondering what to do if your employees are not showing up for work?

Employee absenteeism is a serious problem in today’s workplace. While the occasional unplanned tardy is normal, chronic absenteeism gets in the way of work, affects worker morale, and more.

The old way to deal with it was warnings, writeups, and firings. Today, the best approach is a collaborative one that deals with the root of the problem and shows understanding.

If you are dealing with employees that aren’t showing up for work and are at a loss, this short and simple guide is for you.

Set An Attendance Policy

If you are dealing with employee absenteeism, the first thing to do is set an attendance policy. People need to know what is expected of them and what are the consequences of not meeting those expectations. You can even use an attendance point system to track the amount of absenteeism.

Have Flexible Work Schedules


If you are noticing lots of absenteeism, have flexible work schedules. Gone are the days of 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 schedules. With flexible work schedules, you should be able to curb your absenteeism naturally.

Assess The Situation

It’s important to assess the situation that is causing the absenteeism. If the employee has good attendance across the board, the situation they find themselves in is not permanent. Assess the situation and determine if further action is needed.

Communicate The Problem


It is important to communicate the problem as soon as it starts. You want to catch the behavior as soon as possible and do something about it immediately. You can use your absence policies as a jumping-off point for communication.

Discover The Cause 

What is the cause of the absenteeism? If the absenteeism is new and unexpected, there might be a deeper problem that you don’t see. Rather than punish the employee immediately, ask if you can help with the situation.

Look For A Solution

It’s management’s best practice to look for a solution to the problem. Your employee might need to change their day off, come in later some days, or make another change to their schedule. When talking to the employee, make sure to look for a solution.

Take Action

When dealing with chronic absenteeism, you might have to take action. If you’ve gone through all the steps above it’s time to look at the attendance policy and do what is necessary. This can include warnings, write-ups, and a final firing.

This Is What To Do When Your Employees Are Not Showing Up For Work

There are several ways to deal with employees not showing up for work. 

First, you should set an attendance policy and let everyone know what you expect of them. You should also have flexible work schedules, assess the situation, communicate the problem, and discover the cause. Look for a solution, and as a last resort, take action.

This is how to deal with your employees that are constantly absent from work.

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